Any business startup will need a marketing plan; but executing that plan may prove a little difficult. As a small business owner, you face quite a few challenges – but also many opportunities to grow and grow. If your budget is limited, choosing the right advertising channel will help you recruit new customers and expand your business, while maintaining the desired budget.

In this guide we have compiled for you important information on the main methods of promoting small businesses online, so that you know how much it costs, who it is suitable for – and how to do it right. The guide is intended primarily for small business owners, but is relevant to anyone interested in starting an online publication and not sure which method to choose.

Organic Website Promotion

A promoted site is a site that ranks high in Google search results, and attracts regular hits. The position of the site in the search results depends on the degree of competitiveness of each phrase individually, and on the organic promotion of the site – derived from the right structure, quality content and relevant links.

You want your business to appear in the search results of those phrases and attract hits and organic traffic to spread the word.

Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google allows you to display paid promotional ads, which appear in Google above and below the organic search results (which are the result of the site’s promotion) – and are adapted to the phrase that the surfer searched for.

When you start advertising on Google, sponsored ads will immediately appear on the search results page, for surfers who have typed in one of the phrases defined for the campaign. This way, in fact, you can get inquiries from customers without waiting for the site to rank high in Google. This is in contrast to organic promotion that takes place in the long run, and requires weeks and months of work until the site reaches a high ranking in the search engines.

You should also consider outsourcing this work, you may want to look at for example.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is done through a business page and the promotion of sponsored ads that appear on the surfers’ newsfeed.

Facebook marketing is considered the most accurate and targeted compared to all other options for online advertising, thanks to the impressive ability to reach the desired target audience: Surfers can be reached by demographic characteristics such as age, gender, locality, education, occupation and hobbies etc.

Facebook advertising is suitable for almost any business, thanks to the possibility of reaching every possible target audience. Even in particularly challenging situations, when the target audience is considered difficult to segment on Facebook, it is recommended to advertise according to mailing lists or remarketing, which is a more effective method than regular advertising.

Your business needs marketing; this is the only way for people to learn about what you do. You want to spread the word and teach people about what you plan to provide them with.