The job market is very difficult today! Especially in Europe. There are many unemployed high-skilled people seeking for a job, and very few positions for work.

Many people keep on thinking according to old working standards, expecting to find a work in a company, as employees, just to gain the resources needed to have an acceptable life.

Business Re-engineering

There are few, though, trying to do something for themselves. And for this, there are many opportunities for people willing and able to get an income, using the new patterns of work.

The Work Have Changed

At the dawn of new century (well, hello 21st century!!!) many things have changed, even the ways we used to do things. For many companies, thriving at previous periods, a business reengineering is essential, in order these companies to cope effectively with the new conditions of the market. Among them is the work.

The nature of work has altered and transformed under the impact of many disruptive effects, like:

  • the globalization,
  • the altered economic environment,
  • the acute competitiveness,
  • the technology,
  • the downsizing,
  • the constant rise of excellence and innovation,
  • the aging effects in many western societies,
  • the earlier entry into the job market of younger people (especially in tech and marketing related activities) due the facilities for work provided by modern technologies,
  • the rising demands for new skills and competencies for new vocations and the, accompanied, the advance of distance learning and rapid skills provision and certification schemes,
  • the scale economies,
  • the economic specialization and compartmentalization,
  • the new working flexibility and distributed work schemes,
  • the new job market and consuming trends,
  • the multiplication of companies’ impact via new organization schemes and strategic inflection points,
  • the rise of new forms of entrepreneurship (solopreneurship, infopreneurship, edupreneurship, full-time freelancing, etc.) based on very small groups (usually on one person), small companies, etc.,
  • the new financial and resources schemes (like crowdfunding, etc.)

The basic fabric of work has changed altering its structure and its context, forcing many companies to re-evaluate their priorities and to an extensive business reengineering. Today you can find both models and cultures of work (the traditional and the distributed one), co-exist in harmony.

You can work for a company or an organization exclusively, paid solely for the hours you provide them, or you do not do, just, ONE job and you don’t have a monthly salary. In the second case, you do, usually, a lot much more compartmental tasks and get your income, aggregated by much, different, sources.

You may be a designer, building graphics in the morning for some of your clients, consulting at your spear time and taught basic web development techniques at the afternoon, in order to accumulate the equivalent of a monthly salary (or more).

The results are not always the same. This, freelance lifestyle, needs a lot of work, organization and focus, but if you work professionally, consistently and with zest, you will succeed without any remorse about the missing opportunities of a “full-time job“.

Reinvent Yourself And Your Job

In the absence of a standard work, many former corporate employees have decided to develop their own practices starting to work as consultants, coaches, trainers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or small business owners.

They capitalize their experience and the skills have acquired by working several thousand hours in the various business project to develop their own niche market. This is the reason, In a period with huge financial problems, so many new, small companies have been developed.

The startups have been developed in the later year surpass the traditional business structures while the new digital economy has rendered the research, development, production and distribution of the intangible products of the new digital economy, easier as never before.

The info-product development circle forward the development of a new intangible industry focused on providing information products to large quantities to a market required all the time new skills and knowledge. New business schemes as the white label information products and PLR products foster the survival and sustainability of many people for the freelancing workforce.

At the same time, the new flexible learning methodologies (like blended learning, distributed and social learning and e-learning) and the new financial schemes (like the crowdfunding) provide the necessary knowledge and resources for innovative and high demand products.

All these influential factors, make a necessity the changing of many older working structures and an extensive business reengineering for many companies today. Furthermore, the acute competitiveness, filtered out (and will continue to do so) many “bad adjusted” working structures (companies, organizations, etc.) and banish them from the market, while the time to market have become a shorter but not less critical path to accomplish it with success, using your best talents and resources.

It is exactly the time, you need to reinvent yourself and your job. The means and the infrastructure, become more transparent to the final user and become inexpensive today, streamlining your efforts towards the accomplishment of your objectives.

Today, in the era of cloud applications and of freemium schemes along with the new crowdfunding ways of funding, paved the way for a quick and easy acquire net of resources and capital.

More complex investing schemes as the angels investments, business incubators, and accelerators, the provision of free seminars for preparing the people to work effectively in the new working conditions, etc. provide the foundations for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for doing what you want.

If you know what you want to do, of course, and be intentional about.

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