Strategic Infection Points, almost always bring a change in the business strategy. Today, many companies, experience a very acute condition of lagging behind many of their main competitors in producing the required products and services. Many companies today have abandoned their former leading place in favor of more “cautious” marketing positions, that would reassure them their, profit margin and their, if any, competitive advantages.

Strategic Infection Points & The lost of Topple Rate

New Economy & Strategic Infection Points

But the changes, today are rapid, and these companies, positioning themselves in more conventional ways (i.e. in term of 20th-century business practices) are marked for a swift re-formation and adaptation to the new conditions (if not for deletion). The lost of toppling rate by many companies today signifies a change in the traditional business course of doing things.

The business conditions in our period, have many of the characteristics of strategic inflection points, accompanied by the advance of many and diversified disruptive technologies. As Andrew S. Grove define it:

“A Strategic Inflection Point is that which causes you to make a fundamental change in business strategy. (From Andrew S. Grove’s speech in 1998 at the Acad­emy of Man­age­ment meet­ing in San Diego).

This combination of the arrival of some of the former leading, in their sector, companies to a Strategic Infection Point in relation to the advance of new technologies in the world scene and the growth of toppling rate,  is a very explosive one, and beacons the introduction of new ideas, approaches, schemes and entrepreneurship skills.

The new era requires a new kind of entrepreneurship and certainly a new set of skills to be groomed and be perfected by the would-be participants in the new [new] economic scenery.

A New Business Approach

This new approach of starting, establishing and doing business, should be derived and based in older schemes while should take momentum from the innovation and the creativity, that the new economic, financial and technological conditions can infuse in the new business approaches. And it should use, heavily diversified enablers for empowering the people. Enablers, not always obvious, custom, or widely used today, such as the:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration and Synergies
  • Technology
  • Financial Schemes
  • Training and Learning
  • Sharing and Community Schemes
  • <…>

are. All the above, and much more.

Perhaps these new approaches and tools, would be derived by the constant proceeding of human interactions within the new media and with the innovative tools, that should be combined creatively and with innovative ways into long-run strategies, in order to form the foundation of new start-ups in companies, organizations and in personal lives. Only in this ways, the new endeavors would be capable to match the new market realities, and even overcome them.

What do you believe? What’s the place of the modern person in such framework? Do you believe that Strategic Infection Points should be considered as obstacles or as challenges?