A new business startup company [alike as a new startup in life] is not always a very easy situation.  Most of the times, it is a very tricky situation and demands a lot of resources and mental capabilities from all the involved parties.

Business Startups - Venture Timeline

Business Startups – Venture Timeline

As Frank Herbert write, in his book Dune:

A beginning is a very delicate time.

A startup, and especially a business startup is the selection of the things to come forth and the initialization of the things may come to life. And that usually needs a lot of deliberation!

What is a Business Startup Company?

A startup company is:

a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. These companies, generally newly created, are in a phase of development and research for markets. The term became popular internationally during the dot-com bubble when a great number of dot-com companies were founded.(from Wikipedia: Startup company)

Where Is A Business Startup Company Derived From?

A business startup company is never something that is derived from something existing? It, usually, is a new business association, formation or organization aiming at developing new models of entrepreneurship and business in a world of limited resources.

Most of the times, owes much credit and attributions to earlier or older research data, ideas, concepts, drawings, etc but the composition of the elements and features come together in the framework of the idea would be researched as well as their interplay, usually, are unique to the business system/model it is been created.

What a Business Startup Company Needs To Be Successful?

A new Business Startup company relies on two basic resources for its design and start-up:

  • Creativity and
  • Innovation

(in business procedures, products, services, manpower, resources, support, etc.)

These 2 basic elements are those that usually separate the successful business startup(s) from the ones that have a limited time span.

How Is A Business Startup Company Developed?

A Business Startup has been developing within the limits of the main culture, the present institutional and legal limitations, the existing business ecosystem, and the established business practices/operations.

All these elements as well as (a lot smaller or larger characteristics and features) provides the fuel, for the start of a new business venture (you can find a lot more information on specialized blogs and sites).

The most important of these elements is the startup ecosystem that defines the boundaries of operation, as well as the points that can bring success in the new business or negate the undertaking effort.

A startup ecosystem:

is formed by people, startups in their various stages and various types of organizations in a location (physical and/or virtual), interacting as a system to create new startup companies. (from Wikipedia: startup ecosystem)

Such business ecosystem consists, mainly, of:

The interaction of all the crucial elements of a startup ecosystem, lead to the initial idea, vision, concept, approach, product, service, etc for the creation of a startup company. Its foundation and development, though, follows some distinct and separated phases (we should never forget that a business startup is a business, before everything else[!]).

In general, these are:

  • Ideation: The basic idea that would fuel up the startup company
  • Concepting: The management of your startup (direction, time-span & timetables, business plan, implementation teams, support structures, etc)
  • Commitment: The skills and capabilities, committed for the development of the product/service to be developed, as well as the resources (money, time to be invested, etc) that are going to be used.
  • Validation: The clear and measurable indexes to be used for the validation of the idea/product/services against the market. This can be any valid indicator that can prove the validity of the chosen concept. These can be the growth of usage, the amount of subscribed users, the revenue, etc. Any index can be valid, but it should lead to the next stage the Scaling of product/serviceIn this phase is assessed and the present and future success of the business model selected.
  • Scaling: Indexes demonstrating the real growth of the product/serves in actual and measurable market terms. In this phase, the product or services selected for implementation shows the strength and the range of its market application and potential.
  • Establishing: The chosen business model and the company have demonstrated their worth and validity and move to a more normal mode of operation a one “business-as-usual” mode. In this phase, the results have been drawn by the implementation can be fused to start new enterprises or can be feed-backed to strengthen and further the market reach and potential of the current startup company.

The successful results of a new business model, being tested in real market conditions, would attract its imitation from 3rd entrepreneurship parties with similar aims[!] and varied scopes. The multiplication of the business model would offer incentives for its customization, adjustment, testing of its basic parameters, etc, leading in such a way to a new business ecosystem and to the generation of new more successful business models.

For building a new startup company, these, are, more or less the steps you have to take. It may seems difficult at first, but always worth for anyone to try, test and apply his or her new business ideas and models in the market. The attempt is a worthwhile one, even if only it brings accumulative experience along with one more way “That Won’t Work“.  Don’t you think?

Do you have a new idea for a business startup? Do you want to proceed, in a new business endeavor or to a  new enterprise? Do you think you can succeed in building a new business startup company? Do you have the resources and the strength to proceed in an entrepreneurship as that and actually build a new business startup? You can leave your comments or your questions, by clicking here