Smart applications, as the Cloze is, facilitate your everyday business and personal life. Today, communication is everything in the digital age. And the applications that support this process, are important. Cloze, is one of these applications, supporting an integrated inbox for e-mail and social networks.

Cloze Main Screen

What Is Cloze?

What Cloze Does?

Cloze is an application I’m using for some time now, to prioritize my interactions, to track people and messages of interest and discover unseen relationships. Its usage is easy. You just add your e-mail and one or more social accounts from FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn and let the application do its job.

Takis Athanassiou Cloze Settings

After providing the initial information, Cloze would analyze and index your messages, update your contacts, identify relationships and deliver the new information in a coherent and easy to read way. The interface of Cloze is user-friendly and its functionality is exemplary.

Takis Athanassiou - Cloze

How Can You Use Cloze?

You can use Cloze, to filter important key persons, to prioritize your messages, to organize messages into categories (specifically Bulk Mail and Other Mail), to receive updated information for the people you are interested in keeping in touch, and generally for making sure you are not going to lose any important information (both from your e-mail as well as from your social networks). Cloze supports a Web Interface, as well as iPad & iPhone clients.

In all, I believe that Cloze is a well-written application providing many useful features for the end user.

Disclaimer:  I’m not affiliated with this company or this site and I’m posting this review because I believe in sharing applications and tools, that would provide value-added services to my readers, and I think Cloze is one of them.