When it comes to choosing a commercial property for business, many of us will start scoping out the current rental market. But if you are certain that your business is something that you intend to stick with, you could really benefit from building your own commercial property from scratch.

Why? Well, first of all, you won’t have to worry about making rent payments for the rest of your working days.

The property will eventually pay for itself, and you can even sell it on or let it out yourself when you retire. Secondly, you can ensure that the property is the perfect fit for your business needs.

What’s more? You could also incorporate some sort of living structure into it.

This allows you to keep all of the facets of your life into one, neat property. So, if you’re planning on creating a property that ticks all of the boxes of your personal and professional needs, here are some ideas to get your imagination going.

Flats Above a Commercial Property

The most common combined form of living and business can be seen in the flats that are let out above stores, restaurants, bars, and pubs.

If you build your own store, chances are that the commercial space will be isolated to the ground floor. So rather than having extremely high ceilings, make the second floor habitable and put the space to good use as your living quarters.

This will make life a whole lot more convenient for you. At the end of the working day, you can simply close up the shop front and head upstairs to kick back and relax.

You can also say goodbye to the daily commute to and from the workplace!


Image Source: Pexels

A Barndominium

While you probably haven’t heard of a bardominium before, it could prove to be the perfect structural solution for any business based on agriculture.

It essentially combines two properties into one (a barn and a condominium), saving you money on taxes, as you only have to pay for one property rather than two.

It also halves the number of permits you need to obtain, plumbing and electrical systems you need to install, and interior design and decoration that you need to carry out.

By combining your barn and your living space into one, you, your animals, and your product can all nestle down beneath the same roof.

Your livestock and storage space really can logically exist alongside your living quarters. Perfect!

A Home Office To Combine Your Personal and Professional Properties

If you’re self-employed, you can greatly benefit from renovating your personal property to include a home office.

This will help you to organize your working life.

Heading to your home office will allow you to work in a professional and organized environment and separate your home and working life despite both parts of your day taking place in the same location.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to separate your places of work and play, and you can actually greatly benefit from combining the two aspects of your life!