Starting a new business venture will always be an exciting time, but it is also a challenging, stressful, and time-consuming period. There are many hurdles that a startup must overcome initially before finding any form of stability and success, and how you manage these challenges will have a direct impact on your future success.

Fortunately, most startups encounter similar issues and problems, which means that it is possible to prepare yourself for these hurdles and find ways to clear them without too much disruption to your daily operation. With that in mind, here are a few of the more common problems and how they can be solved.

Lack of Funding

Launching and running a business will always cost a fair amount as there will be various costs to get the operation up and running, and you then have typical business costs to cover. It is crucial that you get enough funding to get the operation running to a high standard from the get-go as this is the period which defines your reputation (which can be hard to change).

To overcome this problem, you need to spend time working out exactly how much money you need to get up and running while drafting your business plan. You can then look to various sources to get the exact amount; this could include venture capitalists, angel investors, bank loans, and crowdfunding.

Lack of Brand Awareness

Another major problem when starting out is making people aware of your brand, particularly if it is a competitive industry with household name companies. It is essential that you make people aware of your brand in order to attract new customers and to develop a positive reputation.

Investing in marketing is the most effective way to increase brand awareness, and this should include both digital and offline marketing. It is then a case of impressing new customers so that they recommend you to their network.


Cybersecurity is a growing threat which affects businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Many startups mistakenly believe that they will not be a target, but cybercriminals will often target a new company as they think that there will not be cybersecurity in place.

Using a reputable and experienced cybersecurity specialist like Watchguard Online is an important step to take and a worthwhile investment. In addition to protecting your business and sensitive data, this will also provide valuable peace of mind, which will allow you to focus on the other areas of setting up and operating a new company. Additionally, it is important to educate yourself and your staff on how they can stay safe online and protect the company.

These are three of the main challenges that a new startup company faces when first launching the business. Knowing what these challenges are and how they can be overcome can help you to navigate this difficult period effectively and reduce stress so that you can focus on the other important areas of setting up a new business. It is then a case of finding stability so that you can identify ways to grow and succeed.