Video marketing has been increasing in popularity for years, and it certainly isn’t showing any signs of diminishing now in 2016. With everything video content has done for different brands, it’s no wonder that it remains an exceptionally popular investment. Although it’s brimming with potential, there are a few costly mistakes which some business owners make in applying video content. Here are just a few of the most common.

Video Marketing Mistakes

Image source: Pexels

First of all, approaching each piece of video content with a “one-size-fits-all” attitude. The key to a successful video is making sure it’s well targeted and has a precise goal in mind. If you try to hit all your objectives with one piece of video content, you’re definitely going to come up short. Sure, you’ll save a little time. Still, would you try to achieve all your SEO goals with only a few pieces of content? Just like blog content, different kinds of video content will lead to different results. You need to keep this in mind throughout the process. If you’re planning out a piece of video content meant for your social media platform, then you need to make sure it’s entertaining and shareable. If it’s on your homepage, it should be more informative, and directed at people who are already interested in your product. Always have a specific goal in mind, and don’t try to kill too many birds with one stone.

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It’s another serious mistake not to keep high-quality standards when it comes to the actual production value of your video content. Ask a range of consumers, and a lot of them will tell you that they’ve been put off of a product in the past before due to the poor quality of video content or a TV ad. This isn’t really surprising when you consider that video content is often the first point of contact many people have with any brand. You need to make sure you’re crafting a great first impression and continuing to keep the bar high across all your video content. If you don’t have the right resources at your disposal, it may be an idea to hire a video production company. Mob Film provide video production, for example.

The final, and perhaps most damaging thing which you need to avoid is over-complicating the message of the videos you’re putting out there. A lot of business owners are so intimately familiar with their product or service that they can’t pin down a video concept that’s defined properly for their audience. Ask any marketer with some decent experience in video content, and they’ll tell you that a good video should be kept simple. If you have too many conflicting messages, different features, or industry jargon, and you’re sure to put your audience off of your brand. Sure, detailed, informative videos can be a great thing for your sales figures. However, it’s extremely important that you use a language your audience can understand.

As you go ahead with your video content, make sure you’re avoiding these expensive mistakes!