This article has been written by Dafina Zymeri. Dafina is passionate about ongoing, self-motivated and self-paced learning. She writes for Kiwi, which is a restaurant LMS that aims to help restaurant owners train their staff in an easier and more effective way. Moreover, they offer online training courses for different Restaurant services.

Personal/self-development, self-growth, lifelong learning – they all mean the same thing: self-motivated people who initiate their own learning and go get what they want, rather than waiting for it to happen. Learning doesn’t end along with getting a college degree – or at least it shouldn’t.

Learning is what happens every time we decide to broaden our horizons. It can be from a new book or article we read, a new language we learn, a new class we enroll in, or simply a new podcast we listen to. Learning is around us all the time, we just have to open our minds to it.

Personal development doesn’t only serve us, it serves those around us. When we invest in ourselves, we’re more capable of giving back. So, we should strive to be better every day. Better for ourselves, better for our homes, better for our workplaces, and better for the community.

Personal Development Towards Career Advancement

Great things happen when people take their careers in their hands and take responsibility for their own learning. They don’t leave things to chance, and as a result, don’t stay in a job they aren’t growing it anymore. They continuously increase their capacity and want that capacity to be used in their workplace.

When an employee is passionate about self-development, their input will always be superior to other employees’ who are stuck with outdated skills that they don’t take an effort to update. Moreover, they will have intrinsic motivation to take more responsibilities at hand, which benefits the workplace and themselves.

Therefore, continued self-improvement is the key to keeping your career going on a successful route, always going up. Here are some other reasons to emphasize the fact that constant personal development is essential for a successful career:

You Become More Self-Aware

The first step of self-improvement requires becoming more self-aware and getting to know yourself better. If what you’ll learn in this process is that you want to quit your job and change careers, so be it. At least you’ll know and you’ll start working towards finding a fulfilling career.

Self-awareness is actually the foundation for good performance at work and it can only be reached by self-reflection. Emotional intelligence is quite useful to have, especially in the work environment, and luckily, it’s something we all have the potential to improve.

You Enhance Your Strengths

Self-development allows you to identify your personal strengths. Recognizing them is very important because you can’t achieve what you want without knowing what it is that you want. Only after acknowledging your strengths can you nurture them and start using them to attain success in your career.

You Are More Motivated

Motivation is a byproduct of self-improvement When you see yourself developing in your career, you have more optimism to do better every day.

You Are More Productive

Productivity is not only the quantity of work done but also quality. And people who feel good about themselves produce good results. Therefore, the better you feel, the more your organization will benefit.

You, Will, Have A Positive Attitude Towards Learning

When you’re invested in continuous self-improvement, you’ll always be open to receiving feedback and learning from others. You have a more positive attitude towards learning because you’re aware that you’re not perfect. If your supervisor calls you out on a mistake you did, you’re willing to listen and learn from them without getting upset. At the end of the day, this is how you achieve success.

You, Will, Gain Better Soft Skills

You don’t learn soft skills in college, yet they can make or break your work experience. Every job requires certain soft skills which are on you to learn, whether it’s communication skills or problem-solving, or handling conflict in the workplace. Having these is essential if you want to be successful in your career, and especially if you want to climb to a managerial role.

You, Will, Feel A Sense of Purpose

Personal development will help you if you’ve seized to believe that you’re doing meaningful work anymore. With a sense of purpose, you know that what you’re doing matters and benefits someone. This will make all the challenges that come along the way easier because you now see the ‘bigger picture’.

Whether you want to develop specific qualities and skills, improve your performance at your job, advance in your career or simply grow as a person, personal development will help you in all these. You’ll soon enough have a more successful career and life.