Lukas Kneip Today’s post is written by Lukas Kneip. Lukas is the proprietor of several customer portals and online shops, including also an agency that helps companies building their social media presence. But in contrast to other agencies, they only real fans, who are won by using ads. Before this time, Lukas was worked as a freelancer at and helped people to build their online businesses by doing their social media marketing. The knowledge on how to become successful as a freelancer on the internet, he has written down in a book. Besides of that Lukas is working as a personal trainer and health coach as a passionate hobby.

Instagram is a perfect social media platform to market and sell your products. Due to the popularity of this platform and steadily growing user numbers, which also include entrepreneurs from all sectors, your brand and your products reach more people in your target group than with a commercial on TV or advertising in the middle of the city center.

How to Convert Instagram Followers to Clients

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If you want to know how to use Instagram to convert your Instagram Followers to customers, read on.

Instagram as a Marketing Tool

It is completely inessential whether you are a small company or a big company with several locations. Because you do not win customers with your company size on Instagram, but with the right approach of the target group of your services or products.

Instagram is very beneficial for use as a marketing tool to gain existing followers as customers.

Advertising works visually, such as on the TV. But also in store windows, on posters, in catalogs and in many other places, the advertising only meets us visually. Also on Instagram, which is a big benefit.

You also know that advertising campaigns can cost a fortune. With Instagram, you can switch your advertising independently and free of charge with the help of your followers or other Instagram users. So you can simply reach these company targets:

  • Increasing the sales of an online shop
  • Improving your branding and reach
  • Increasing traffic on your homepage
  • The target group can be directly filtered and reached

We will show you what options you have and how you can use them to win your Instagram Followers as customers.

Contests on Instagram Stimulate Fantasies

Winning new customers on Instagram is relatively easy by launching contest.

You can do that for example by calling your followers to post a post related to a particular product of your product range and a hashtag you specify. As a reward, you give for instance among all participants an attractive prize away.

Thereby your followers advertise for your product and increase the reach of your posts. If the range of your contributions increases, the chance for more customers increases simultaneously.

Find Partners on Instagram

Just find other companies that you can use to combine your product with and you are sure to win new customers on Instagram.

Let’s say you are selling coffee cups. Contact a coffee shop site and combine both products. In this way, the fans of the coffee shop will find a great new favorite cup and your existing customers will discover a new coffee culture.

In this way, the fans of the coffee shop will find a great new favorite cup and your existing customers will discover a new coffee culture.

Switch Direct Advertising in Instagram

If you use a business account on Instagram, you have the opportunity to promote some of your contributions for a fee and attract new customers on this way.

However, you can still use more targeted ads with Facebook’s Ad Manager. Nevertheless, with Instagram ads, you definitely reach your targeted target group.

Use the Business Profile on Instagram

For the customer acquisition from your followers, we recommend the use of a business profile on Instagram. This is because the “call to action” button is available here. This small and inconspicuous button has a high effect if you use it properly and correctly. With this button, you direct your prospective buyer directly to your ads your landing page or even to the in a post showed the product in your online shop, so that your potential customers become almost directly customers.

Because many users deliberately follow certain brands on Instagram, the probability of winning your followers as customers are relatively high. The methods mentioned before will not work with all of your followers, but the better your Instagram posts are tuned to your target group, the higher is the chance that you will turn your followers into customers.

However, you should be aware that for your potential buyers the “personal” contact via picture captions and comments as well as the quality of your posts is very important.

A saying teaches us: the competition is not asleep – Make use of this and have a look at your competitors to see what works. But be careful and look for ideas only and avoid copying third-party content. At the end, creativity leads to individuality and followers on Instagram who become customers.