Finding the right marketing mix to deliver great results for your business isn’t easy. When it comes to websites, for example, the ever-changing principles of SEO algorithms mean that you must continually work on creating website content that helps to boost your search engine rankings to obtain organic traffic to your website.

Could Podcasts Generate More Leads for Your Business

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When it comes to email marketing, this world is constantly changing too. Not so many years ago, it was fairly easy to get people to react to your email. If you sent an email out to a long list of people, a good number of them would be interested enough to take action. However, if you did that now, you could end up with a large number of people unsubscribing from your email list because what you have sent is of no relevance to them. That is why email marketers are now putting their efforts into developing specific, targeted and segmented email campaigns to send offers to groups of people who are more likely to be interested in your offer.

The video is dominating social media platforms such as Facebook, as people are much more happy to watch a quick video about a product than they are to read through a huge article. Therefore, more businesses are looking at ways to incorporate this consumer behavioral trend into their marketing plans.

Another channel that is effective, yet often neglected, is Podcasts. However, this medium depends on the type of business that you are in and whether a podcast will work for you. However, many different types of business are tapping into the opportunity that podcasts provide. Podcasts are popular with consumers because they like the convenience of being able to listen to the content wherever they are. For example, they can listen while they are driving to work, sat on a train or even while at the gym, in the middle of a workout.

The type of content that tend to work best on podcasts are educational or instructional content – i.e. a recording that explains to a person exactly how they can develop a certain skill or how they can achieve x, y, and z. Entrepreneur recommends the following five podcasts for any entrepreneur to listen to The Broad Experience, School of Greatness, EntreLeadership, Profit. Power. Pursuit and StartUp Podcast.

Whatever type of businesses you are in, there will always be an opportunity for you to utilize podcasts to generate business leads. If you can identify topics that your potential customers need information on, then they will search for your content. As well as being able to find your podcast by organic methods, you can also buy followers from Social Media Daily for sites such as SoundCloud. This will help your podcasts to appear higher up in the rankings and direct more people your way.

Most marketers try to develop a strategy that harnesses the power of many different channels, understanding that consumers are individuals and cannot all be reached using one particular method. Therefore, podcasts used in collaboration with other marketing methods could be significant in driving more leads for your business.