Coursmos (affiliate link) is a new e-Learning platform to help you get or distribute knowledge and skills to an ever-growing market of skills and competencies.


I came in strategic partnership with Coursmos (affiliate link) in my search for a more flexible e-Learning platform that would help me to develop quality content for the new age and at the same time would provide the necessary analytical and marketing tools to promote and commercialize my content.

I found that Coursmos can cover a lot more of my requirements, based on solid e-Learning foundations without ignoring the basic parameters of today’s market!

e-Learning Today

E-Learning has many facets and it is a discipline with many parameters, not always assume the full role it can play in the market world. e-Learning is not just systems and tools and certainly is not just systems. It is a lot more thing, as solid pedagogies, human development, writing strategies, output, and results, increase competitiveness, social media, on-the-job training, social learning,  instructional design, management, and marketing, among many other features.

Today you need a system can incorporate all these different aspects of a coherent learning strategy and an effective operations workflow can guarantee optimal learning experience to the learners and integrated support to the instructor’s  level. Coursmos aims to cover both aspects of the e-Learning experience and provide the tools to a content developer to commercialize his/her work.

Today, in a knowledge-based economy, e-Learning procedures are seen as vital components of the personal, the organizational and the business competitiveness. You see e-Learning is huge business today. More specifically the:

worldwide market for Self-Paced E-Learning reached $35.6 billion in 2011. The five-year compound annual growth rate is estimated at around 7.6% so revenues should reach some $51.5 billion by 2016. (E-Learning Market Trends & Forecast 2014 – 2016 Report, A report by Docebo)

To succeed in such a competitive market you need specific strategies, solid experience, content, and a system can help you integrated all these into coherent learning units“.  Coursmos is certainly one of the best candidates in this market.

About Coursmos

The basic goal of Coursmos (affiliate link) is to provide an integrated and inexpensive platform to help people to build an “online education business”. More specifically, the primary mission of Coursmos is to support you in setting up:

your online education business in minutes and make money with your valuable knowledge. (Coursmos – affiliate link)

Coursmos it is the first e-Learning platform sponsored and promote the idea of micro-learning.  The concept of micro-learning was founded on:

a YouTube study that documented people watching users video of up to three minutes with longer videos getting abandoned (Wikipedia: Coursmos)

As a company Coursmos has a dual strategic objective:

  1. aims at providing the right tools to a content or/and knowledge expert (in the broad sense) in order he/she will be able to produce and distribute effective learning resources (at a reasonable price), and
  2. target to develop an integrated portfolio/repository of learning resources which can be used by everyone for the development of much-required skills and competencies.

Basic direction for serving these objectives is for Coursmos to provide an integrated learning platform tailor-made on the micro-learning principles, upon which the company established.

The implementation of Coursmos, based on this principles, aiming at providing the best learning results, based on these parameters in an integrated environment. More specifically Coursmos (affiliate link) is:

an online micro-learning platform. It offers approximately 50,000 lessons within approximately 11,000 courses with courses broken down into smaller lessons, typically no longer than three minutes each. Launched in 2013, it has been attributed as the world’s first platform that supports micro learning. (Wikipedia: Coursmos)

Moreover, Coursmos has been described by TechCrunch as  “bite-sized e-learning platform for the Twitter Generation” and as an “app to educate Generation Distraction” demonstrating the focus of the company on the micro-courses and the power they have to educate people more effectively.

Coursmos Basic Features

Coursmos is an integrated platform can help you either to acquire the knowledge and skills you need for your work or disseminate your knowledge, experience and skills to the people need them (and acquire a second income in the process).  Coursmos cover both sides of the learning equations providing advanced features both for learners as for instructors or content expert.

To the learners, Coursmos provides among other features:

  • An easy learnable and friendly to user integrated environment for attending the training
  • 50,000 video lessons within approximately 11,000 courses in various domain areas
  • MyCoursmos personalized area
  • Notification system
  • Voting systems for the course attended
  • Social media sharing facilities
  • Advanced searching services

To the instructors the content experts, Coursmos provides, among other features, services at 3 main levels:

  • Education. Includes:
  • People. Includes services at:
    • Students
    • Authors
    • Messages
  • Content. Includes services at:
    • Pages
    • Blogs

You can check them by yourself and see them for yourself by signing (affiliate link) for a free account.

Question: What platform do you use for providing your e-Learning services? How do you deliver your content? You can leave your comments or your questions, by clicking here.