This article has been contributed by Aleksi Halsas. Aleksi, CMO at Trustmary offers a customer and employee testimonials that create appealing content to engage the readers all around the world. To boost marketing and sales with high-quality video testimonials is the author’s keen desire.

A video testimonial is the best way to convince potential customers to invest in your products. A testimonial by your real clients on video where they talk about the benefits, they got by using your product is the best advertisement for your product.

A powerful video testimonial is a great weapon to have in your marketing arsenal. If you want to create a great video testimonial that could impress potential customers, here is seven best practices explained for you.

1. Use a Script …. but don’t use it

This can possibly confuse you. What we mean is that you need to have a written script prepared that lists out all the points to be covered in the video. It should explain how to start, what to talk about, and how to conclude.

Once your script is ready, you can show it to your customer but do not ask the customer to read from it.

Ask questions from the customer that allow him to go through all the points mentioned in the script and explain them in his/her own words. That makes it natural and authentic.

2. Go for A Professional Shoot

There is a huge difference between a video shot on a mobile camera and one shot by professionals. Use the best of video equipment and get a professional to record your video testimonial.

The quality of the recording and sound can enhance the impact of your video testimonial.

A professional knows how to get the best from your customers. Use a professional’s services for the best effect.

3. Focus on Benefits

A video that talks about features are an advertisement. One that talks about benefits is a testimonial. Let the customer explain her needs and problem faced. Then let the customer explain how your product was a solution to those needs. Then the benefits of the product should be explained.

The focus should be on product benefits and how using the product made things easy for the customer.

4. Create a Story and An Emotional Connect

A successful customer testimonials video is one where is there an emotional connection is created between the testimonial and the viewer. The customer should narrate a story explaining how the product helped her.

This story must connect to the viewer. It must appeal to the viewer, making him relate to what your customer is talking about in the video. Such a connection can enhance the effectiveness of your video multiple-fold.


One of the important principles of communication is KISS (Keep it Short and Simple).

Keep the video short. It must not exceed three minutes.

Customers will view a two to three-minute video to help them make a decision about the product. Any video longer than that is unlikely to hold the interest of a viewer.

The moment a viewer sees that the duration of the video is too long, they may decide to skip it. The video should be presented in a simple way with a conversational tone used.

6. Create the Video in Natural Settings

Shooting in a studio or outdoors looks artificial. Since the video is a testimonial by a customer, it must be shot in the customer’s own house or office. This makes the video appear natural and will be believed by a viewer.

Shooting in artificial settings makes the video look like an advertisement. The objective of the video is to present a customer’s review in a video form. It should thus look natural for it to be effective.

7. Create Interest

A video of a person talking continuously for three minutes may not be interesting. Use graphics and text to put the message across in a powerful way.

Use different angles while shooting. This makes the video more interesting. Video shots of the customer using the product can be interspersed to make the video interesting and to bring out the benefits of the product through the video.

A good editor can make an ordinary video create a powerful impact that makes a viewer interested in the product.

The above practices can be used to create a powerful video testimonial that is impactful.