This article has been contributed by Chehak Wadhwa. Chehak is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing and Creating animated explainer videos. She has produced 500+ Videos with her team including some of the well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar, etc.

Video marketing is not new, and the industry got familiar with it in 2016 when it made its advent. Way back, the companies who showed trust in the visual marketing form gradually received exciting results, witnessing immense return on investment.

The talk seems easy; however, the implementation is tough, especially when seen in the competition. To get the desired marketing results, fulfill the needs of prospects and existing customers, and to visually arrest the audience you need to:

Create the Right Videos, at the Right Time, targeting the Right Audience.

When done right, you can certainly witness amazing outcomes, deriving traffic, leads, conversions, and ultimately, business sales and revenue.

When we have a majority of the Internet users happily enjoying a visual, then why not embed videos with a clear CTA on the website pages and other routes, which can boost conversion rates by 80% and accelerate the count of Organic Traffic.

Stressing upon the traffic, there is an irony: a person would love to witness loads of it on his website and would pray not to see while commuting via road. Isn’t it?

In the marketing domain, on analyzing the website traffic, you will witness its three categories: Hot, Cold, and Warm.

Hot traffic comes from those people who are your customers and to whom you can make an upsell. Cold Traffic constitutes masses who have never heard of your brand or business, and warm traffic is derived by those who already know about you, your business, your offerings, products, and services.

Now let’s take a view of all these in detail:

Different Varieties of Web Traffic

Any business promoting its brand/products/services must put its foremost focus on the website traffic as other major aspects of business promotion like lead generation, conversion rate, business sales, etc. are directly proportional to the organic traffic derived.

The AOK Game Theory Matrix

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Each of the underneath options possesses different characteristics and offers unique opportunities to turn prospects into leads and further, leads into happy customers. Let’s take a look one by one:

#Hot Traffic

Hot traffic simply says that your business acts as a hot name for the people who have given their vote of trust to you and have made purchases without asking for their money back.

Here, you have great chances to upsell and re-engage (specifically with those who haven’t shown from quite long) with them so that they do business with you again, ideally making an expensive purchase this time.

Circles of Trust

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Your video content can play a good role where you can embed video ads to your web pages, sales pages, offer pages, and service pages.

You have a new product launched or an old item on sale, retarget your customers and remind them about the previous interest in your brand.

Redirect your hot and active audience towards the relevant pages where a full-fledged video with a clear CTA urges the customers to seal the next deal via effective visual marketing.

#Cold Traffic

Cold Traffic is derived by those who haven’t heard about your business and were neither rooted towards your website with a pre-forged plan or prior experience with your brand.

These are the visitors who casually browse websites to seek information or are in search of finding solutions to their problems.

Here, you have the least probability for them to make a buy from you and are highly unlikely to be receptive to your sales attempts. But fortunately, you have some ways to target cold traffic and develop relationships with them to expect a sale from them in the long run.

Your blog posts, video, and podcast content should be close enough towards:

  • Introducing your brand
  • Building business allies
  • Getting to know them by collecting their personal information
  • Monitoring their website behavior
  • Targeting them via their demographics

All these will help you snug the cold traffic, thereby establishing a connection. Even if a visitor avoids reading your blog post or dislikes to be redirected to multiple pages, a highly designed and engaging video can influence the first-time viewer to take a desirable action.

Then follow the Inbound Marketing Strategy to Attract, Engage, and Delight your visitors.

#Warm Traffic

Warm traffic comes via the audience who recognizes you, have read your blogs and content, follows you on social media, or have subscribed to your feed or newsletter.

Speaking straight, they are directly so close and engaged with you, but indirectly are far away from making a valuable buy from your business.

Warm Traffic

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Here, you need to set your goal to produce urging visual and text content, which excites them unveil your offers and ends up taking a step to seal the deal and, ultimately, close it with a purchase.

Create such videos that are worthy enough to allure the people who are aware of your company but are looking for the extra mile that drives them to make a move wanting what they expected at last.

Different Video Types Contributing to Convert your Cold Traffic

“Videos Attract 300% more Traffic and Nurture Leads!”

But do you remember?

The right video performs at the right time targeting the right audience!

To create compelling videos that bring the intended outcomes, you ought to sharpen your video production skills where you rely on some of the best explainer video companies that will help you to stand out amid the competition.

Buy After Viewing Video Content

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Let’s take a tour at the video’s bifurcation done to conquer the intent of different types of web traffic and make more conversions via videos, which are your company’s virtual sales rep.

#Videos to Target Hot Traffic

The hot traffic audience consists of your existing customers who always seek for something more and new. So, target such people with your portfolios, your innings, your achievements, your future plans which would enlighten them, resulting in a long term collaboration.

#Portfolio Videos

Video portfolios aren’t only for specific fields or ventures anymore. The significance of having an expert video presence is a higher priority than any time in recent history, and an online portfolio will surely expand your visibility and brand value. Creating your portfolio video enables you to share and feature your work.

There are a lot of benefits to your brand when you showcase your portfolio in the form of a video. Some of these are:

  • Professional Way To Showcase Your Work
  • It’s A Great First Impression For Clients / Your Network
  • Video increases Your Visibility And Online Presence
  • Shows You’re More Than Just A still photo
  • Flexibility

Video is the key to get all your hardships and business attempts, pay you back in the best possible way!

#Videos to Target Cold Traffic

You can assume the cold audience to be packed with folded arms who can merely look at your website and can’t proceed further without knowing you well. So, to unfold their arms to take a desirable action, you can go for creating:

# Tutorials

Websites can go for creating some tutorials which prove very helpful in solving the common problems viewers are looking for. Not mandatorily educational sites can benefit from such a video type; nevertheless, embedding a tutorial of your newly launched product can also get you a hike in the viewer’s count.

Tutorials are generally explainable when you need to describe things in a step-by-step manner. Thus, aware and educate your audience about how to use a product, how to enhance your blogging skills, or how to start your online business or whatever trending topic you need to cover.

Valuable tutorials shared on frequent intervals will help you build a base and create an engagement with your audience.

# Educational Videos

These videos are created, keeping in mind the “power of education,” which is meant to offer relevant, useful, and valuable information or feed worthy enough to spend time at. Out of the explainer videos, go for using whiteboard animation videos or 2D animated videos that work great in spreading knowledge and the intended message.

# Multi Purpose Videos

As the name speaks itself, you can create videos that connect, educate, entertain, promote, and inspire the audience, thereby, fulfilling the business motives and showcasing your offers in the visual form.

Visual Information is processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain.

Multi-Purpose videos are forged, keeping in mind the message to convey with a perfect combination of educating and promoting.

#Videos to Target Warm Traffic

The masses accelerating the warm traffic know your brand well, recognize your company and its products/services.

However, there is a gap that needs to be filled by your videos, which will break the resistance of the audience to make a purchase.

So, go for designing the following video types for them:

#Product Videos

Product videos mostly promote and advertise your business brand in an engaging and entertaining way. In this type of video, you can portray your product as a key solution to the problem which consumers face.

Add all the benefits your product gives and try to showcase things in real-time. Create demo videos displaying how easy and structured your product or app or service is when made to use.

#Illustrative Videos

The illustration says a lot in a comprehensive way, which helps to clear and understand things in depth. These videos take the support of stats and facts which relates things and compares, making the viewers to trust on what is displayed.

This video type is usually designed to explain the complex hierarchy and procedures in an uncomplicated and effortless manner, which smoothly achieves your motive where you or your business become the face of interaction for the common issues.

Both these different forms of visuals have different traits but are solely meant to acquire the viewer’s vote of trust, hankering them to try your service for at least one time or even multiple times.


Videos and their types can do wonders for marketers when they realize the importance of how to apply their business strategies to hit the brains of the individuals at all the right places.

Today, your video marketing attempts must focus more on personalization, contextualization, and segmentation, which will directly or indirectly keep more close to the prospects as well as the customers, new users, and the contented users that will be driven by a specific movie clip build specially for them.

Videos won’t output results only by spending time on their creation and sharing them on YouTube or other platforms; there is a need to dig deep into who wants what and then segment the categories of user’s as per their wishes and demographics.

Choose the video type which adds value to your advertising efforts by converting the cold traffic to the warm traffic and further turning it into the hot one.