Creativity is a difficult asset to master and moreover to exploit. It needs the right conditions to flourish, the knowledge to cope with a specific problem and the necessary tools to make it shine! Creativity is not the art equivalent of MacGyver in liberal arts. Is much more!

CreativeLive - Free Live Online Classes

Creativity is about problem-solving, authenticity, originality, freedom and intuitive improvisation (i.e. to prepare yourself to reach to a level of being creative).

CreativeLive [affiliate link]is a learning platform supports these attributes. With all the learning platforms gaining in popularity and impact, CreativeLive stands out as a central repository of highly specialized and laser-focused courses can provide you an edge in business and life.

The e-Learning Puzzle

e-Learning is not just a compilation of technologies, instructional design theories, and pedagogic principles. It is much more of it and aims to provide at-the-point competencies and skills to a human capital despaired for acquiring new knowledge and stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why e-Learning today is a big business for many organizations, agencies and edupreneurs want to exploit it in order to provide more value to people and cannot be forgotten anymore by the companies or by the people want to succeed.

e-Learning has estimated:

to be over USD 165 Billion and is likely to grow by 5% between 2016 and 2023, exceeding USD 240 Billion. (docebo – eLearning Market Trends and Forecast 2017-2021)

These numbers show the dynamics of this disciplines while signifying the growing tendency of modern knowledge workers for more suitable and on-the-point training via various devices.

The CreativeLive Platform

CreativeLive is one of these platforms supports distance training on various subjects. As the most online platforms for distance training, CreativeLive supports:

  • Online HD Videos,
  • Distance Delivery,
  • Students Interaction,
  • Supportive materials,

and more tools to facilitate the students to draw their unique learning experience.

CreativeLive though has a unique angle on how to cover the various categories of subjects it provides to its students.

Its mission is to:

to champion creators to live their dreams (CreativeLive)

and this is the main focus of the platform. To address itself to owners and creators, to provide them a sense of freedom and a supporting community and to help each one achieve his/her objectives.

For this reason, most of the course provided is recorded in front of a live audience which not only “intervene” to the course path but also provide real-life experiences about the topics discussed. The Live term in the brand name of the platform (CreativeLive) is not an exaggeration at all!

This “angle” is the feature distinct CreativeLive from its competition and provides new true interactions during the course delivery which boost your learning experience.

CreativeLive provides classes on the following 5 distinct categories:

  • Photo & Video
  • Art & Design
  • Music & Audio
  • Craft & Maker
  • Money & Life

while is has an able stock of free on air seminars which can help anyone learn whatever he/she wants.

My Personal Experience With CreativeLive

I had the opportunity to review recently the CreativeLive platform by selecting any of courses are provided today. But my relationship with CreativeLive has started a long time ago, studying the work of Tara Gentile (but this it is something we return later on).

I am a big fan of Tara Gentile and of her work on small business and entrepreneurship. I have read her book “Quiet Power Strategy” and I became excited by the insights and the analysis depth Tara provided. Her views and the on-the-spot points about everyday business develop a truly solid foundation of concepts to help you in today’s business.

The workshop section in her site points directly on CreativeLive and I had added it to my “follow-up list” since I have a long and standing interest on e-Learning platforms.

I had worked for more than 23 years in the areas of business consulting and e-learning and I’d like to have an active knowledge of what’s going on today.

That’s why when I had the opportunity I take it to learn more about CreativeLive.

Even though, the platform provides excellent premium courses by some of the most notable instructors in the business (including Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, Joel Comm, Marie Forleo, Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, Reid Hoffman, Lewis Howes, and Arianna Huffington to mention only a few) I go for the courses of Tara Gentile (odd isn’t?)

I select the “Build a Stand-Out Business” by Tara Gentile, and the course was excellent.

A fresh approach, high-quality video, constant support, excellent reviews and 12.1K students. Excellent experience.

This particular course has structured into 27 different videos explain every aspect of Tara’s vision about new business and providing able case studies to help you understand better all the concepts involved.

The video has been developed by live workshops including comments, suggestions, and interaction by the people attending live the course which is really important because you get the sense of a real “classroom”.

The course is fully documented and provides all the materials you may need not only to reflect on the topics discussed but also to develop your own business path according to your own needs.

The platform also provides you the opportunity not only to download all the materials involved in the course but and the video of the course as well for future reference (in two modes low and high definition).

In total, the lasting impression by using CreativeLive is excellent and provides a friendly, consistent and easy interface for anyone to learn whatever knowledge or skills think can help him/her in life and business.

In total, CreativeLive provides a superb learning experience and an environment helping you learn, work and interact in the most friendly way for anyone!