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Data has become the most important element of digital marketing. Marketers are using data in multiple ways to boost their sales.

Around 33% of marketers believe that data usage is positively effective in the marketing campaign.

See the following illustration that elaborates the usage of data in marketing.

Data enrichment is also part of data integration in marketing campaigns.

It is the utilization of publicly available data of leads or customers and verifies it with the data you already have.

It will make the customer profile deeper and context richer to qualify more leads. Let’s discuss some of the tactics for data enrichment.

Why Is It Essential For B2B?

The significance of data enrichment is crystal clear. The data is the main ingredient for making your sales and marketing campaigns effective. The greater the amounts of data, the better the results are.

The latest technologies like AI are data-driven. These technologies utilize data and assure the advancements of B2B marketing campaigns. Moreover, it secures additional time and money that is obligatory for marketing campaigns.

Tactics For Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is a useful technique, but it requires a lot of precautions. The data that is delivered by the third party may contain ill-treated material. Moreover, the data also demands to be regularly refreshed and upgraded.

See the following tactics that are essential for effective data enrichment process.

Tactic 1: Identify The Target Audience

The data enrichment can bombard tones of data at once. For some organizations, it can be overwhelming to control this amount of data. The best way is to segment the data based on their ideal customer profile.

See the following example of arranging your data into a customer profile.

Customer Profile

They only utilize the data that is related to their target audience and exclude others. To identify the ideal customer profile, you can initiate by analyzing the existing customer’s behavior. Observe their behaviors and trace down the specific purchase behaviors unique to a single group of customers.

You can also search the industry for the potential audience that was ignored previously.

Tactic 2: Collect Good Sources For Leads

Once you have identified the types of consumers, it is time for you to search for the leads. The core source of leads is the internal lookup. That is the marketing department of your organization. You can use this data for enlisting the consumer’s contact information and later use it for marketing campaigns.

Other than that, you can use the web scraping technique. The simple web scraping can be done by using the Google search engine with xPath. Use the ‘importxml’ function for extracting relevant leads, but this system can fall at any time. The Google sheets can get hanged running all the efforts.

If you are not willing to create all that hassle for the organization or you have limited human labor, then this one is for you. You can avail of the data enrichment services.

These services will extract public data. Then organization arranges and formats the collected data and delivers it to you. You’ll receive the cleansed and packed data ready for usage.

Tactic 3: Segment Your Data into Levels

Segmenting your data into different levels will support you in targeting the right person at the right time. The customer’s persona of an organization doesn’t need to remain similar throughout the year. They may require targeting different people as per the requirements for their sale; this tactic will work in this condition.

For the basics, you can divide the data into personal level and business level information. Segment the customers into two categories, as per the information you receive. It will be supportive in mass and business marketing campaigns.

Tactic 4: Arrange Your Leads

Remember when you have arranged all the leads by using scrapping technique; it is the time to arrange all the leads you have collected. Make the usage of data easier, and arrange your leads in the form of a spreadsheet.

You can arrange them based on their lifecycle stages or their relevancy. It is more convenient to create a template and arrange all the information accordingly. See the following example of a lead sorting template.

Lead Sorting Template

If you have a large scale organization like you are a cheap essay writing services provider, you have to further classify leads into categories and sub-categories.

Tactic 5: Transform Enrichment into Action

The data enrichment program is about packaging and sorting out data; it also transforms this data into another set of data.

There are different ways to make these data sets and utilize them. The further segmentation of the data can be performed computerized by programming it. All you need is to embed the data in the software, and it will transform the data into categories.

This new fit is the most suitable data set to be used by our sales and marketing team. The utmost benefit of this data will be the security of enrichment. The data extracted from the enrichment process can be easily maltreated and misused by any individual from internal or external sources. The segmentation will support in guarding this data against cyber-attacks, and in case of attack, it will help in digital forensic.

Tactic 6: Data Mapping

The data enrichment gets complex after receiving the data from different sources. It is essential to understand the relationship between the source and the tool of data. For instance, you have to capture a data source like marketing sales or operations; the data mapping will be as follows;

  • The 1st party lead through; form, chat or call.
  • The 2nd party inference by observing in-product behavior and categorization.
  • The 3rd one will be the data provider.

According to Student Essay UK, effective organizations have clear strategies regarding the communication and treatment of data in between these resources. You can use the email template and other tools for this, but at a point, it will require mapping. You need to map all the tools and prioritize the set of information. See the following illustration:

Data Mapping

The data provided by the enrichment shall be arranged into a global format that can be utilized in any corner of the world. This is only possible by creating the map of the data, as it is more precise and accurate.

Wrapping It Up

With the rapid digitalization of almost all the process across the globe, data has gained its significant position. The marketing techniques are also affected by the data. Therefore, organizations are in search of more data enrichments.

However, the maintenance and organization of the excessive data that organizations are collecting is a difficult task. There are multiple tactics that can be used for adequate data enrichment and management within the organization.

I have mentioned some strategies above and hope that it will provide you convenience; if you have any other strategy, share it with me. I’ll utilize these strategies in my next article for my readers.