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Do you know your digital marketing metrics well? Well, digital marketing is no more a mysterious concept!! Majority of people starting from the government officials to entrepreneurs and small businessmen, everyone knows about that. And, moreover, the study which suggests that the overall figure for digital marketing spend for various businesses will reach up to $118 billion by the end of 2021 further underpins the fact.

Digital Marketing Metrics

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Now I can dependably mention that ‘Digital Marketing‘ is a significant well-known name these days! Still, to get a visual experience of anything as significant as this kind of marketing strategy is just phenomenal all the time. Right?

So, just have a look at the accompanying infographic:

Digital Marketing Metrics - Where To Start

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Now, if you are an entrepreneur or someone who wants to use this technology for gaining new heights in the business then you ought to have a top to a bottom idea about the same.

If the scenario is somewhat like you just know the importance of digital marketing. And, then you are assuming that you are an expert about the same then you are totally off-base!

If you need to get the best out of this exceptionally dumbfounding 21st-century marketing strategy then you should know how to optimize various marketing metrics. Also, this is not the end! You should further gauge the analytical data to such an extent so that you yourself become your marketing ROI.

Wondering how would you be able to practically accomplish the aforementioned targets? Well, you just need to take care of some specific actualities.

Here’s an elaboration of the same!

Get An Idea About New And Returning Visitors

If you want to run a digital marketing campaign or you already are running one, then the first and foremost thing that you need to take care of is that how well your visitors are responding towards you. That is to say, you should quantify the volume of returning clients routinely to guarantee that the crowd is ceaselessly getting captivated with your image or not.

If you find that there is an ascent in the percentage of the same for consecutive months then it is a proven fact that you are on the right track. And, if it is in descending order then for sure your website is not meeting the requirements of your visitors. In such a circumstance, you should take the correct steps to solve this issue.

Also, you should keep a track on the fact that whether you are gaining new visitors or not. What’s more, to have an idea regarding the proportion of new and returning guests and in addition for contrasting between them you should utilize Google Analytics under ‘Audience’, ‘Behavior’, and ‘new vs. returning’.

A report of such an analysis will look like the following screenshot:

Digital Marketing Metrics - Visitors

Evaluate Visitors Based On The Devices They Use

You should use Google Analytics to measure the activity of visitors in the light of the device that they are using to explore your website. It’s because that will give you a specific idea about the accessibility and ubiquity of your business. Also, you will additionally come to know which gadget customers are discovering difficult to peruse through your site starting from laptops to tablets and mobile phones.

For example, if you find that your mobile conversion rates are less than the desktop then you should perform SEO audit with a special accentuation on mobile phones. Sometimes, in such a condition, it happens that page speed becomes a typical issue to pay special mind to.

Wondering how to do such an analysis in Google Analytics practically?

Indeed, at that point simply explore the accompanying strides:

  1. Click the ‘Segment Box’.
  2. Unmark ‘All Users’.
  3. Select the pre-specified segment ‘Mobile Traffic’.
  4. Click ‘Add Segments’.
  5. And, rehash a similar procedure for ‘Desktop traffic’ and ‘Tablet Traffic’.

Your PC screen would look somewhat like the image mentioned underneath:

Digital Marketing Metrics - Device Used

In doing so, you can see the performance breakdown for organic traffic through various devices. And, the report will look like the following screenshot with obviously different figures incorporated within it.

Digital Marketing Metrics - Device Used Report

Now, as per the outcomes, you see in the report, you have to take the right strides to keep up or improve that.

Don’t Forget To Use Telephone

As it is a proven fact that almost 70% of customers incline towards phone calls to be the quickest approach to get a reaction for their inquiries from any business. So, if you overlook this mode of correspondence then obviously you will make a silly stride.

And, thus you will even miss valuable insights and data with respect to your customer’s sales journey from various touch points.

So, make sure that you have your contact information said in your webpage with the goal that clients can, without much of a stretch, call you whenever they have an inquiry with regards to your products, services etc.

Keep An Eye On User Exit Rate

Exit rate is nothing but the percentage of visitors who leave your site from a specific page. But, this is beyond the home or landing page of your website. It’s because as they might have seen more than one page in a session; they have not arrived on the page specifically, but rather have reached there while navigating.

Moreover, bounce rate defines when the user leaves your site without navigating beyond the landing page in a session. Well, you ought to recall that a high exit rate is not terrible as a user might get driven towards an online news, read it and left.

However, if there is a high exit rate from the pages that implied particularly for sales then it can be a red flag for you.

In such a case, you should identify your key sales pages with high exit rates and find out the right solutions to solve the issues. I’ve listed out some ideal approaches to fathom such a problem.

Have a look!

  • List the shipping costs immediately if you have excluded yet.
  • Label the quantities and prices clearly.
  • Make sure that the ‘Continue’ button is visible.

Get a visual idea about the significance of exit rate and bounce rate from the following image:

Digital Marketing Metrics - Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate

Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate

Analyze Social Media Campaigns

Reports state that almost 71% of customers use social media referrals before purchasing a product. So, you must go for various promotional campaigns on social media. It’s because such approaches will enable you to empower online organic conversions and finally choose the social media platform that is perfect for promoting your business.

You should use one essential metric in such a scenario and that is nothing but how your page likes have altered before and after the fact that you propelled an ad on Facebook or Twitter. If it is an increase then it means that strategy is useful for your brand awareness.

However, if you discover the figures are not achieving the coveted volume of likes and conversions then it’s time that you begin redesigning your social media ads.

Create Google Analytics Alerts

If you will have an access to Google analytic alerts then it is an ensured fact that you will be the first person to come to know about regular website issues. Thus, you don’t need to squander your valuable time while ‘just checking in’ with the hope that you would be able to catch the issues immediately.

Wondering how to create Google Analytics custom-alert to get daily, weekly and monthly alerts?

Just follow the following the steps:

  1. Click ‘Admin’.
  2. Click ‘Custom Alerts’.
  3. Create your desired new alert.
  4. Select the recurrence such that the ‘check’ occurs and stimulate various conditions that will cause an alert.

A Google analytic 404 error alert will look somewhat like this:

Digital Marketing Metrics - Google Alerts

So, just opt for these stupendous digital marketing metrics and accordingly you will clearly observe an instant improvement in the sales and profit rate of your business like never before.