How is your digital marketing going? Isn’t that something of a loaded question? It already assumes that you have a strategy in place and that you are working towards a plan.

If you are a small business owner and that really isn’t the case, then maybe it is time to start looking into building your digital marketing strategy from the ground up and develop a great response for questions like this.

In this article, we take a look at what a digital marketing strategy is and how you might start building one for your business.

What Is It?

In effect, it is the action or series of actions you take regularly to reach your online contacts. It means that almost all your actions are carried out online and across several different platforms. If you don’t know the difference between a brand or full URL then you’re going to need to start the learning from the ground up, or else call in the experts to develop a strategy that is entirely geared towards your customer base.

How Does It Work?

There are a number of techniques you can use within your digital marketing strategy to target your customers, but first you’ll need to produce a coherent plan so your actions aren’t tripping over one another and to do that you need to have a crystal clear knowledge of who your customers are and where they are on social media.

You’ll also need to have very clear and concrete outcomes for your strategy, that is measurable and reachable. Without them, you will be shooting into the wind and just hoping for the best without any clear way of knowing if you are making any difference or not.

You’ll be looking at email marketing, engaging with clients via Facebook and Twitter and really aiming to get as personal and direct as possible with your clients as you can, depending on your overall goals. You’ll also want to think about how your advertising strategy fits into this and in particular your Automated Adwords management.

Why Do It?

Quite simply because it works. You want to attract more clients and more specifically the right clients and talking to them directly is what will bring them to you.

Sure, it’s time-consuming and sometimes your tactics will fail but with a little learning from mistakes and adjusting the strategy you’ll find new inroads into your customer base that doesn’t come about from passive advertising alone. Your customers will start seeking you out and you’ll know why.

If you aren’t sure what the next step is for you, then you may consider bringing in a consultant or agency to take up some of the slack for you but in any case, digital marketing isn’t something you should ignore but rather embrace as a force for good and certainly an element to your business that, if done properly, is going to afford you some tangible results.

Get researching today and get that digital marketing strategy for a bolder more profitable business and you’ll never be stumped by that question again.