This is the first part of a rather long answer I provide to a Greek student, wanted to work in the area of e-Learning in Greece, with the title:”Do You Want A Job Or A Career?“. I think the text I wrote then, as a reply, can provide a base for reference for people seeking work all over the world and value to their efforts. The respond structured to 3 different posts! Here is the first part.

The situation in Europe and especially in Greece is difficult as far as the market concerns. Especially for young people! It is difficult for them (and for anyone as a matter of fact) to find a job to pay their bills, let alone to dream of a career.
Do You Want A Job Or A Career - Part I

Greece has one of the highest rates of graduates with postgraduate and Post Docs studies in the world! But the degrees alone, does not guarantee you a job! For that, you should prepare yourself!

How Would I Find A Job?

Often, friends and students about to enter the labor market ask me about what would be the best way and the best method to find a job! My usual answer is that there are no shortcuts and you have to first develop yourself, in order to develop or to find or to be ready to exploit the opportunities that may arise.

In a similar inquiry by a Greek student, asking the best ways for entering to e-Learning market, I have jotted down various notes as a reply, that some other people might find them useful! Of course, my then response was in Greek and I have changed some identity elements, but the core arguments of my response are detailed further down. I hope may prove useful!

Since a person should have a name and since a correspondence needs at least 2 interested parties, let’s name the other party Niko (a very common Greek name, don’t you think!). So here it is!

A Rather Large Response To A Student

Dear Niko, hi!

In relation to your questions related to finding a job in the area of e-Learning in Greece, I would like to point out, that e-Learning in general (as a marketplace in Greece) is an extremely competitive marketplace! Unfortunately, after the problems of money flow and market’s competitiveness, in general, the market of e-learning in Greece, shrinking constantly!

This is not something that should drift you away from your goals. It may be even the right opportunity for you to act upon the new conditions. In your place, I would see the present situation as an excellent opportunity for working in the area and gain the necessary experience in the field.

Essential Questions

You should though, Niko, make some questions to yourself, before take your decisions for working in this area. Questions such as:

  • Why I want to work in the e-learning area
  • Where exactly I want to work (in Greece, in Europe, in the USA, somewhere else, etc)
  • What is the value I can offer in the area of e-Learning
  • What more can I do for e-learning
  • Where I’m best at
  • How I can reach better my goals in the field
  • How can I better prepare myself for a career in the area
  • What can I do with excellence/proficiency in relation to e-learning
  • etc.

I would suggest writing down these questions and the answers you would provide and to check them often!

If the answer to all the above questions can be summarized to an “I want only to have a job” type of answer (a very legitimate answer, of course, nowadays), perhaps you should re-consider your priorities since the e-learning market in Greece is very small. Maybe another venue would provide a better job opportunity!

But if your answer is somewhat different, I would suggest following a different approach, in order to find for yourself what it is that you really want from the e-Learning field!

Actually Niko, you should answer to yourself if you want a job or a career? And to be totally candid, about this.

Think about it!

The post “Do You Want A Job Or A Career?” would continue on Part II!