A well-groomed office result in smoother workflow gives clients a good impression and keeps employees happy. However, with many day-to-day tasks taking priority, many of us can forget to stay on top of general office maintenance.

Don’t Let Your Office Slip Into Disrepair

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Don’t wait until something breaks – keep on top of these maintenance jobs from week to week and they’ll become second nature.

Keeping On Top Of Cleaning

Regular cleaning is important in order to abide by health and safety laws, but also to keep you and your employees happy and healthy.

You should hire cleaners to clean your office on a weekly basis or save money by doing it yourself.

An annual deep clean is recommended too for getting everything absolutely spic and span.

Keep a good air quality by regularly opening windows, buying office plants or getting a ventilation system. Don’t focus purely on the areas that clients see and make sure employees are working in a healthy zone (you can encourage employees to wash up their own mugs and to clean their keyboards every so often if a cleaner doesn’t already do this).

Updating Your Computers

If you’re running your business on old computers, you could be operating at a slower speed. Computers should ideally be replaced after five years. You should also regularly update software and keep anti-virus software up to date.

Seeking regular advice from a business-specific IT consulting company such as www.dyrand.com could be beneficial in order to ensure you’re running your company to its optimum potential.

There may be apps or programs catered to your area of trade that your business should be taking advantage of, and jumping on these could put you ahead of your competitors.

Organizing Storage Areas

You should dedicate an hour a week to you or your staff to perform various organizational tasks. This could involve sorting out a stock cupboard that’s become messy or full of empty boxes.

This could involve going through old files on the database, reorganizing them and deleting unused ones. It could even involve sorting out an overflowing email inbox. Eventually, you will get on top of all the office messes and be able to keep some form of filing system which further prevents them from becoming disorganized again.

Ensure that everyone in the office is aware of these filing systems. There are various organizational programs and apps that can help prevent office clutter.

Handling General Maintenance

It pays to have a reliable handyman on call that can deal with a rogue plumbing or electrical fault. Various faults you may be able to fix yourself, but those that are time-consuming or complex should be outsourced to a professional so that they’re dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Make sure to also keep on top of general wear and tear. This could include repainting walls that have started to peel, replacing furniture that’s broken or stripping out old carpets.

If you are worried about cracks or structural damage, hire a health & safety surveyor to come in and have a look. If your office building is old, make sure that it has been checked for hazards such as lead pipes, asbestos, and Victorian wiring.