Odd situations! Have you ever wonder if someone with the ingenuity of Edison or Tesla had access to a device like Mac. What would happen if Edison met Apple? Where the innovation would be today, when the ingenuity of a thinker like Edison met the processing power of a device like MacBook. What would have happened?

When Edison Met Apple

Edison would use the processing power of MacBook to documented better his patterns and his inventions, to work better in a virtual environment, to design better the things he envisioned, or to produce and verify more ideas! Wouldn’t it be possible? What would he have developed if he had all that process power at his hands?

A better communication system? A better-optimized phone network? A new power grid implementation based on smarter energy transfer ways and optimized power switches? Quicker transfer of on-demand energy? Clean energy one century before the concept had even arrived in the collective consciousness? New ways to develop prefabricated houses?

Nothing actually. It would be a clever curiosity for something about 24-48 hours (before Mac’s battery would completely discharge provided that Mac has been originally initialized) before remains an odd box at the top of a shelf (for lacking of suitable operational knowledge and a proper power grid) and Edison proceed to find some more ideas “do not work“.

Innovation and progress do not develop in a void. It needs the proper conditions to grow and become and ordinary item.

Innovation can be defined as:

as something original and more effective and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” the market or society (Wikipedia: Innovation)

Entrepreneurship is based on ideas, approaches and innovation to produce better value for the market in more efficient ways. And it is not easy. But it has a huge impact at a personal and professional level.

Business and entrepreneurship can be a leverage to help society to live in better conditions and produce resources for everyone need them.

We need a different vision about entrepreneurship and business, one that would incorporate both human elements in business ventures as business and entrepreneurship elements in human activities.

To do that in an effective way, you need to commit many resources to cultivate new strategies, behaviors and approaches to people, to companies and to modern organizations. For such a venture you need to commit suitable resources for:

  • innovation
  • education & training
  • humans resources development
  • culture
  • change management
  • idea production
  • new ways of living, behaving and making business

to mention, just a few of the points suitable for amplifying a such behavior. Then you could answer the question of what would happen when Edison met Apple.  Wouldn’t you?

Question: What you would do, if you were responsible for such an endeavor? How would you organize it? From where would you start? Please leave your comments or your questions to this subject, by clicking here