Good employees are not difficult to find – you just need to put the hard work in yourself, and look in the right places.

How To Find Better Employees For Your Team

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What Do You Need To Do?

Don’t risk a bad hire. When you’re drawing up your job advert and job specs for the application process, be specific with what you are looking for. What qualifications do you require? What skills are you looking for? The clearer you are, the better the chance of the right applicants applying in the first place. At the interview stage, you need to ask the right questions to ascertain a good fit for your company, and then you need to take up references to ensure you are getting the right person for the job.

Don’t rush the hiring process. If you don’t get the right applicants the first time around, go back to the drawing board with your job adverts and application procedures. It’s better to wait than hire the wrong person because you have a shortage of good applicants. There is further advice here that might prove useful to you.

Where Can You Find The Best Applicants?

When you advertise a job vacancy, you will invariably receive a high number of responses. This can be difficult and time-consuming, as you will need to wade through each application as you begin the shortlisting process. To save time then, you might want to narrow down your recruiting strategies.

For starters, consider the benefits of a candidate relationship management strategy. By implementing this early, you might then have a pool of talent at your disposal when you’re looking to hire at a later date. By compiling a database of past applicants and people who have made inquiries about vacancies within your business, you might already have the right person for the job you are advertising. This will quicken the process, as you won’t need to spend a lot of money on a job advertising campaign.

If you are using job boards to advertise your vacancies, you don’t need to place an advert everywhere. To ensure you only get the right people applying for the job, advertise on niche job boards, using those companies and websites that are directly related to the industry you are working in. It’s unlikely the wrong candidates will apply, as they are unlikely to use these niche job boards in the first place.

You might also consider employee referrals. Considering your employees know your company better than most, they might know those people who would be a perfect fit for the team. These may be the people your employees have previously worked or trained with, or who might have studied with them at college and university. You need to ensure your employees don’t try to enlist their best mates of course (unless their best mates are a perfect fit), so offer an incentive to your employees, with a cash bonus or other reward when they refer the best candidates to you.


By preparing for the job position with a well-worded job advert and job spec, and by narrowing down your applicant search, you should be able to find better employees for your team. Let us know what you think, and if you have any further pieces of advice for our readers, be sure to share your ideas with us.