Anyone that has been in business a while knows that first impressions count, whether it’s a  report that you submit that has to be free of spelling mistakes, or the suit that you choose to wear for an important meeting. But how can you harness the power of first impressions to work in a positive way for your business?

First Impressions Count - Business

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Read on to find out.

Your Dress Code

Getting your corporate dress code’s wording is something that has a major impact on the first impression that the employees in your company create. Traditional businesses such a law, banking, and sales may prefer to go with a more formal look of smart office wear. This includes suits, smart shoes, ties, and the like. Which all project that professional appearance.

However, if you are in a more creative industry, it may work in your favor to display that through the dress code. That means slightly more informal dress such as business creative. This is a good balance of smart office pieces, that has room for a little flair and interpretation. Showing immediately that your team is on top of the latest visual trends and gives just the right impression to retail clients.

First Impressions Count

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Your Standards

Something else that you need to be aware of when thinking about first impressions is the general standards of the company. This could be anything from the script that your employees answer the phone with, to the proofreading policy or software used for emails.

Remember these things are all a part of your business brand and identity, and so they need to be kept spot on. For example, sending repeated emails with mistakes show a sloppy work attitude and a lack of attention to detail. Which is not what you clients will be looking for in someone that in handling their account. So use software like Grammarly to improve this area.

Your Premises

First Impressions Count - Premises

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Of course, it’s not just your staff and their work that conveys a good first impression but also the premises that you choose to conduct business in. In fact, you can think of your premises as your business flagship. After all its where the magic happens. So this should be reflected in the design and equipment used.

That means it’s a good idea to keep you office furniture up to date with open plan modules like the ones available from It’s also important to provide a light, airy space for meeting rooms. As this is often the first thing that potential clients will see when they come to visit you.

Your Logo

Something else that it’s important to do for a good first impression is to have a bold and colorful logo.

For many potential customers, this can be one of the first things they see. Which means the better the logo is; the better it will stick in their minds. This is great advertising and branding and can help you stand out from the crowd, even at the very early, first look stage.