It’s always a great exercise to reflect on what has been done, what obstacles have you overcome and what is the game? Especially so for overachievers, or the people want to achieve their personal and professional goals without compromising their private life.

This reflection process is necessary especially today that your personal and working life have been interwoven in many ways and the challenges of the modern market have become, many times, impossible to cope with!

It’s always hard to stay motivated and keep focused on the things that matter most when there are so many distractions and problems around us. But it is something you should deal with in order to operate effectively at modern market.

What Matters Most?

One of the best advice I ever get comes from a very strange place! I was randomly looking a kids’ show with my daughters and as I was trying to convince my older daughter to do something (I thought it was important for her and for her development) I listen a cartoon character saying to another character of the show not to focus on the obstacles ahead, but rather on the end of his course.

This is something resonate deeply with my thoughts, because it is something I have taught both in university as in martial arts. Keep your eyes on the end goal(s) and on the game and do not focus on the obstacles ahead!

Unfortunately it is also something most people tend to forget today under the piles of daily to-dos and chores with the result their business to turn into something impossible to manage!

Why So Many Obstacles?

Why so many obstacles in life and business?” you would ask — This is a good question. Our life is full of challenges, so that means it’s only natural for us to experience difficulties in our business at times.

However, it’s important to not give up! You’ll be able to overcome these and keep moving towards your goals only and only if you are able to clarify your WHY and define (or re-define) your goals and your objectives in life and business.

The one cannot be without the other. You cannot be a successful entrepreneur or freelancer without sort out the problems of your personal life or without keep an eye on your health, fitness, progress, or personal development.

You need to have a balanced work-life workflow in order to keep things in order and have the chances to grow.

What Do You Think, The Game Is?

“What is the game?” might be your next question — The game is called business and you’re playing it! With one way or the other. The problem is that many times your personal problems consume too much of your time and attention while you haven’t he chance to automate, delegate, or outsource crucial parts of your business.

That means that there are going to be ups and downs but what really matters is that you keep your eye on what is ahead of us.

To do so you need to know why you do what you do, find the best resources and strategies to do it and put on the “autopilot” the things can create you problems.

Besides, you should understand that you cannot do all by yourself and somewhere along your course of actions you will need some help to understand better your market, your audience, and what you do in relation to that (what are your products/services, what value do you give, etc.)

How To Stay Focused + Motivated

There are many ways to stay focused and motivated but in order to have a work-life balance and focus on your goals you need first to:

  • Find out what you really, really want from life and business and check if until now you have chosen the right actions to implement it,
  • Clarify your prime WHY (why you do what you do) and how you would keep on motivate yourself,
  • Set or re-set your goals and objectives in a manner that would have a meaning and importance to you while provide you the necessary information for its implementation (like SMART goals, for instance if that has an appeal to you)
  • Choose the best strategies for implementation of your goals based on your character, values, resources, ingenuity, etc.,
  • Keep your eyes on your business and how you would provide more value to the people you have chose to serve,
  • Keep always in mind the things that matter most to you like your health, family, spouse, children, free time, hobbies, etc. and strive to achieve a healthy life-work balance.
  • Review often and change your goals and the strategies you use as often as possible in order to achieve better and more permanent result in order to move the need of your compass towards the right direction.

Stay intentional and stay focused ! And if you find the newsletter useful please send me a note!