Sometimes, there is a necessity to free space for important things to crawl in. There are times, that I found myself baffled, trying to cope with many different tasks and activities drive me to different directions, and, usually, try to juggle too many things at once. But this is impossible, of course, because very time and energy consuming to this task, and usually, without any result.
Zen Stories Illustration - Free Space for your Thoughts

You can focus only on one thing at a time, and you can do without errors only one thing at a time. No more. For this reason, I try to set ways, priorities, and objectives that match my goals,  making sure to follow, schedule and review them often, to accomplish, at least, the things worth doing and further my objectives.

Using this approach, I usually schedule time and energy to think outside the ordinary and the urgent, re-evaluate what has been and what will be done and free space for the thoughts that matter most.

Free Space? Why?

The long-standing tradition of Zen taught us, that you cannot further fill in, an already filled cup, while, in modern times, Stephen Covey repeat the same concept in a different manner.

It is a fact, that, all of us, as responsible persons, in everyday life, we face a lot of distractions, obstacles, barriers (mental, physical, or other) that clutter our view and our vision, and pose obstacles in our objectives.

A possible cure for that is for you to abstain for a while from your everyday tasks and challenges and see your goals and priorities with a different manner.

You must go back a little bit, to slow down if you like in order to choose a different modus operandi, an approach or a path outside your normal habitual routes, that would clear your view, about the urgent and pressing.

You need to foster and cultivate a “silence zone“, to listen “the sounds of silence“, away, most of the times, from our “comfort zone“, in order for you to gain the necessary clarity of our vision and purposes.

You must review and evaluate what has been done and what is yet to be accomplished, in order to gain a new perspective. These moments provide a substructure for new thoughts and ideas to grow up and further the knowledge about yourself.

Free Space? For what?

In, such times, you need new habits, to permit you, to navigate, flawlessly, in your goals and support you in your everyday tasks. These, even though it is different for everyone, might be:

  1. To schedule time for yourself and put it on a calendar such as the rest of your tasks
  2. To clarify your vision, goals, objectives, implementing practices that suit us the best (i.e. journaling,  writing, blogging (!!!), meditating, exercising, etc)
  3. To constantly review your objectives, clarify your main direction and drives, elaborate your vision until it coupled firmly with your capabilities and with the reality.
  4. To allow yourself to be flexible, making amendments to your life plan, vision, goals, expectations, or if it becomes impossible, to have the freedom to alter it completely.