You want to make sure that you have the very best employees. That way, your effective management can turn them into a team of winners. But the truth is that not enough employers put in the effort of ensuring that they’re always picking the very best.

Good Recruitment Is All About Focus

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Having an efficient, effective recruitment process is all about focus. Here’s what you need to know.

Know Exactly What You’re Looking For

It all begins with a specific definition of what kind of person you’re looking for in the role you have in mind.

Most important is the definition of the role, the responsibilities included, and what skills are needed to be able to take on those responsibilities. But just as important is thinking about whether they’re a fit for the company culture you’re trying to build.

For instance, you need to pay attention to not only the information and answers they provide but how they provide them if you’re looking for a personality fit.

Good Recruitment - Know exactly what you’re looking for

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Know What They’re Looking For, Too

Hiring isn’t a one-sided process of an employer holding out an opportunity and potential employees scrambling for it.

You need them as much as they need you, and a lot of the better ones will know it.

So, ensure you’re getting the most qualified and relevant candidates by crafting a job ad that is not only accurate but attractive.

Focus on what it’s like to work in the organization and what kind of work environment is provided as well as the specifics of the role.

Good Recruitment - Know exactly what you’re looking for too

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Know Where To Find Them

Putting out ads should never be the only way that you look for potential hires.

You should network, attend industry conferences, and visit job fairs to start building a recruitment pipeline that keeps your contact book full of scouted talent.

Moreover, you should be willing to make good use of recruitment agencies like DSC Personnel.

You need to think about where the most experienced and proactive people in the industry are going to look for jobs and use the same sources.

Good Recruitment - Job Interview

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Know How To Systemize The Process

The recruitment process can get sluggish, unwieldy, and ineffective if you don’t have the right means of streamlining it.

Develop interview questions and techniques beforehand, use recruitment tracking software like Fastrack, and use email templates to cut out some of the inefficiencies.

Otherwise, you might spend more time on the process as opposed to the people within it.

Good Recruitment - Systemise The Process

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Know What They Want To Hear

When you find that one individual you want above all else, it’s time to make the job offer.

At this point, the ball is in their court and too many employers get surprised that their job offers don’t always get accepted.

You need to sell the offer, not just make it. This includes listing all your perks, being open to negotiating compensation based on performance, as well as the reward system within the business.

Good Recruitment - Interview

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Once your recruitment process is complete, you should be finding yourself with a much higher caliber of employee. It’s up to you to manage them right and not waste their potential. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up losing them as quickly as you got them.