Google AdWords is an excellent online advertising agency by Google and responsible for a large portion of the company’s profits. Its prime function is to display relevant advertisements to the users, based on geographic or other characteristics. And as such is an extremely effective service, utilize all the technology and know-how acquired by Google in relation to the consumer’s behavior.

12 Steps Google AdWords Expert Infographic

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Google AdWords, is not such a complicated service, but it needs a lot of research, in order to provide the best results for you and your clients and give maximum conversion rates (for more information on AdWords you can check the excellent article Adwords Mastery Guide: How To Start Small & Win Big).

Some Numbers For AdWords Market

Advertising and especially the online advertising today is a critical today for the success of a business.

The numbers are indicative. It is expected that

worldwide digital ad spending will reach $223.74 billion in 2017 and represent 38.3% of total paid media outlays (Worldwide Ad Spending: The eMarketer Forecast for 2017)

while Facebook and Google lead the market with Google claim an approximately “78% of $36.7B US search ad revenues“.

Today AdWords advertising is considered as an excellent investment for all members involved and a key element for the success of a business. But starting advertising without clear goals and a plan is futile.

Start Using Google AdWords

In order to start using Google AdWords (or any other digital advertising service) and start planning an effective advertising plan for your business growth you need to know among other things:

  1. Your sales strategy,
  2. What is to be paid in return for what (a small ROI – Return on Investment calculation),
  3. Your targeted keywords,
  4. Your Unique Sales Proposition (USP),
  5. The location your ads will be target to,
  6. Your conversion rates,
  7. Your demographic and location data influence the consumer’s behavior,
  8. Your advertisement content,
  9. The click-through rates

This is the main focus of the following infographic, developed by the Premium IT Solutions!  It displays in an excellent way all the tricks and things you will need to employ in order to do an effective Google AdWords online campaign!

Google AdWords Infographic

Courtesy of: Premium IT Solutions