Today is a special day, for everybody. Today, is the first day, of the first week of the rest of your life. Don’t let it be wasted.

Have a nice day

Start something new, try something different, learning something new, do a new thing, read some more, take time off, think outside the box, reach a “long time no see” friend, or a colleague, someone you have to communicate for a long time.

The possibilities are endless and it is in your hand to exploit them. The point is not to leave another hour to pass by, unattended, aimlessly, without purpose and direction.

What You Can Do When You Have A Nice Day at Work

There are a lot of things you can do this day (and any other day) for yourself. And yes you have to work too. So, you can:

  • Think about your work and do the usual things and stuff, in a different way
  • Think big, about your career, life, plans, what you want to do, what you want to do, what is your next action
  • Pick up a paper, an article, a book, you meant to read a long time ago
  • Leave a 15 minutes period just for thinking and planning your next actions
  • Mingle together with the “usual suspects” in office, by doing something different or introducing a new subject, idea, approach
  • Find 3 different responses for usual clients requests or complaints
  • Isolate yourself from the internet and social media, for a time period you find productive, for you (and do it every day if it works!!!)
  • Create a new business for your company, using existing resources
  • Enter to a meeting, having decided to keep an open mind, to see all the involved views, information and actions involved, to propose innovative solutions and then share your new insights for the situation or for actions to be done.
  • Establish a new routine in your office in the morning (i.e. no morning open e-mail policy, a 9:00 am – 11:00 or all day open door policy, a no coffee policy, etc)
  • Schedule some “1 to 1” small 15 – minutes “loose” meetings,  with your immediate colleagues, associates discussing objectives must achieve, goals, future trends and plans (but not problems, solutions, etc. These are the normal “deals”, and usually, they are dissolved by an individual or team accountability, personal initiatives, and creativity, i.e. without lengthily meetings!!!)

Who said, working cannot be fun. Do you like to work in a different way!!! You just have to do it, in a way it is more accustomed to you.

What You Can Do in A Nice Day for Your Life

And for your life, you would ask. Well, there is room there as well for further improvement. You can always:

  • Plan a free time, a weekend, or vacations, with your family
  • Buy a gift for your girlfriend, your wife or your children (without any particular reason!!!)
  • Think how you would spend some quality time with your kids
  • Do something you like.
  • Plan some small escapes.
  • Start an exercise routine as you have intended for such a long time. But start today.
  • Learn to play that musical instrument you planning for such a long time
  • Read again some of your favorite books or start some new
  • Create new memories, by planning and orchestrate the perfect “escapes” with someone you love.
  • Leave some things unattended, as you wish to do for sometimes now and don’t bother about them (at least not for now)
  • Plan a long walk for relaxation
  • Decide, once and for all, you are the owner of your life, actions, reactions, etc
  • Start a project you have abandon for such a long time
  • Clear your desk, files, bills, house
  • Design and start new habits, for life!!!
  • Do something of meaning, for you

All these and many, much more are to be started TODAY. It is your choice.

So, do you have a nice day? Please, comment.