In case you have missed it, this is my new free e-Book with the title: Leadership Initiative Papers – On Leadership & Business. This is my first attempt at publishing a professional looking e-Book, using ideas and tools I have worked on for a while.

Have You Checked My New Free e-Book

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Leadership Initiative Papers Free e-BookI decide to develop this e-Book for providing to my readers a compiled source of information about the topics discussed on this blog, and hopefully, to offer them more incentives and ideas for their daily business and professional life.

My intention is always to offer the proper means, ideas and concepts support the people in doing better the things they do. And because I believe that I’m addressing to people who are restless about their surroundings, trying to question and better everything in their environment, their self, the tools they use, the ideas that apply, the systems they use, etc. I think this resource might be useful.

This little book is a small guide of ideas, thoughts, approaches, and tools to help everyone in his/her daily, short and long-term, goals.

The book consists of various articles, posts, ideas, methods, and approaches from the Takis Athanassiou Blog, and I think that it would give a basic framework of references and discussions on topics discussed in this blog.

The posts have been reviewed and updated, quotes have been added, a new more professional format has been selected and applied and the result is that small book.

This book covers the basic principles and components of what I call Leadership Initiative while addressing topics in 5 different areas. Namely Business, Leadership, Personal Development, Productivity, and Tools.

You can get the older copy of the “Leadership Initiative Papers – On Business & Leadership” free e-Book, by clicking the following link (direct link – no registration required)

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After you have read this e-Book, I would love to hear your opinion and comments about the ideas and principles demonstrated in it, as well as for the e-Book itself. Your help would be really appreciated and would give a base for a better next edition.