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Do you want to spread words about your startup? Do you want to tell people about your weekly sale? Or you just want to guide people towards your business location?

How Business Signs Benefit Your Business

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Business signs are an effective and affordable way to meet all these marketing goals. Well, this is a no-brainer.

Signs attract eyes and evoke curiosity about your business among potential buyers, no matter if they are mounted on highways or near the park. They are your silent salesperson!

Even when all the amazing marketing tools available online, signage is still a tried and tested a way to catch people’s eye. This is because people may never see your online listing or check your Twitter account, but they have to come across your business signage every day which is mounted on their way.

According to one study, over 76% (8 in 10) customers are likely to visit a new store or business after seeing its signs. Another research claims that signs can be one of the driving factors in boosting company’s revenue.

Here I have come up with such amazing benefits of using business signs

Business Signs Tell Customers That Your Business Exists

If people notice your sign, they notice your business. A signage mounted in a high traffic area is likely to be seen by thousands of passerby a day.

So, no wonder that 46% first-time customers come to know about the business after seeing its signboard on their way. In this way, a signage can help you capture significant attention that you might otherwise miss.

Business Signs Reinforce Your Branding

Brand identity is comprised of a brand name, logo, and symbols. It improves your business recognition among customers. The more people see your brand identity, the more they are likely to remember you.

And signs can help you consolidate your brand identity. For example, you can put your logo and corporate colors over the signs so that people can easily recognize your brand.

Business Signs Influence Customer’s Buying Decision

84% of Americans make snap decisions when it comes to shopping. Such buyers are interested in buying the product after seeing its advertisement. And signs give you an opportunity to leverage the habits of their impulse purchase.

Best Buy found that nearly 17% of its customers were people who were not willing to walk in but did so specifically because they came across a business sign. Make sure to showcase your signs with appealing colors and catchy lines!

Business Signs Are Cost-Effective Way To Market

Signs won’t hurt your marketing budget! Actually, they are cheaper than other means of marketing like newspapers, TV, and radio. For example, the cost of one large sign costs $.02 for every thousand of views while some 300 lines in your local daily will cost $2.83 for every thousand views.

A large sign is equivalent to 20 full newspaper pages per year. Similarly, TV advertisement costs nearly $10 for every thousand views and still it would reach nearly 13% of customers.

Signage is a one-time investment which helps you attract the customers for years.

Business Signs Boost Revenue

So far, you must have understood how signs attract customers to the business and influence their buying decision as well. This is why signs are instrumental in boosting the revenue.

According to a study by Signs.Org, different signs affect the revenue of the different business. For example, a fast food industry can see 9% hike in its sales with a monument sign while a large pole sign can increase the revenue by 15.6%. And for the retail industry: a large sign can drive the revenue by 8.6 percent.

So, these are some of the key benefits of using business signs. Make sure to mount your signs in high traffic areas and the locations where new community resides to leverage the benefits of business signs.