For most business owners, time is typically something that there isn’t an excess of, especially when the organization grows over the years. If you want to save time, you’re not alone.

These tips can provide you with insights into how to schedule your day differently, whether you’re at the office or going on a trip.

Prioritize Tasks

The daily to-do list is likely to be a lengthy one. And, realistically, you might not get to the end of the list. But certain things are a “must” for today, so make sure you get those items done first.

Thus, put the most important activities at the start of the list so that you do them first. Prioritize the list by urgency too. If something can wait until next week, then it goes further down on the priorities.

Plan Your Travel Day

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Send Yourself Reminders

A digital calendar is your friend, and so is the reminders function that is built into it. If you prefer a paper calendar instead, then set reminders on your smartphone for a meeting or another important appointment. Give yourself a 30-60 minute reminder, depending on your preference.

Having these reminders to keep you moving forward will help power you through the day. Plus, you will always know where you must be and when; that means you are less likely to waste any minutes in the day.

Log Your Time for a Day

Figure out where are your time wasters in the day. Everyone has some tasks that take longer than they ought to or drain precious minutes from the day.

To help you determine where you are losing time during the day, log each task you do during a typical workday, from the morning to the evening, writing down the number of minutes you take per activity. At the end of the day, look back at what took more (or less) time than anticipated and where you can shave as much as a half an hour off your daily do’s.

Handle Tasks as They Come

Rather than putting off emails, tackle them daily (or, more likely, several times per day). Stay on top of your inbox rather than spending time worrying about what you’re missing out on or that you’ll be late returning messages.

Speaking of email, use filters to sort through them quickly. Consider keeping communications with different clients and partners in folders to find them easily when needed.

Conclusions on Time and Business

Making good use of your time is imperative for any business owner who wants to be as efficient and productive as possible. Being smart with your time is part of being a strong and organized leader.