While 2020 has become an understandable wasteland as far as business conventions go, you can be sure that when we’re back in the swing of things, said events are going to come back with a bang. This means that this year is the perfect time to start planning for an excellent return and to totally ‘wow’ the visitors this time.

After all, why shouldn’t even your humble business find itself pursuing the coveted ‘best in show’ award? You’re more than within your means to achieve that, and more importantly, to network well and to impress more potential consumers than ever. It just takes a few smart decisions, and the willingness to invest as appropriate.

First, we need to ensure that we do have something to offer. An adjustment to our service, a new subscription model, a product to unveil, or even an initiative you are starting up as a means to operate more ethically – all of these things count. Yet how you present your substance is just as important as the substance itself. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along this path:

Craft Excellent Tote Bags

Excellent tote bags are perhaps one of the smartest investments you could make when designing your event freebies, because as other branded stalls give out merch, where are said event-goers supposed to store them? In your bag, of course! How convenient! All of a sudden, you are the brand name mostly seen by others, and the item event-goers most readily and easily identify as merch. Invest in great 4all Promos offers custom tote bags, and you’ll also have quality on your side for that important ‘wow’ factor.

Use Professional Presenters

Presenting the content of your pitch and stall can be tough on your staff, especially if they are great at their jobs but not as skilled in interpersonal salesmanship. With actors, or hired professionals, or even consultants, you may be able to give the most confident pitch. Alternatively, you may use this as a training exercise to help your staff become more confident in the organized and calibrated pitch approach. Be sure to write this presentation well, and present it with clarity. When you succeed in messaging, everything follows on from there.

Pay Attention To Singular Experience

Make sure that you pay attention to how each individual stall-goer will experience your offering. This allows you to not only attend to crowds but better understand the expectation of the singular consumer. Are you going to offer a pitch, or a demonstration, or a time-honored deal at the expo, or simply answer questions one-on-one with representatives? This can allow you to better understand and research your audience, as direct communication in this context can be one of the most vital information-gathering tools you can practice. When you care for the individual, you inevitably care for the crowd – only better this time.

With this advice, we hope you can better stand out at that business expo no matter what.