Does your HR department clearly benefit your business? Well, a considerable percentage of people believe that many, if not most HR departments don’t.

Ways to Improve Efficiency in Your HR Department

They believe that these departments may go through the motions of helping manage staff, but with little direct benefit.

However, just like metrics and KPIs can be applied to any project or department, so can they also be applied to human resources, both internally at the department level and also throughout the organization for managing all staff members.

So let’s run through some ways to optimise your organization’s approach to HR:

What Data is Being Collected?

Only something that’s measured can be improved, so the first step is collecting any and all relevant data. This data can be collected for optimising the HR department, and also to help optimise multiple departments and teams. So across the organization, the data collected may be the same or different approaches may be required for different areas of the business.

So that’s the first decision – what information exactly do you need to collect, and how exactly will you effectively track this? It could perhaps be information as broad as how long it takes to recruit someone new, how well some recruitment methods work compared to others, or how long employees tend to stay in the business. The more information you collect, the more you have a need for large numbers of people since without that you could start reading patterns into smaller amounts of data, where no actual pattern exists. Sometimes, large numbers are simply required for a concept to be proven.

Optimise According to Goals

Once this information starts being collected, how can it be matched up to business goals? Well, perhaps the length of time employees stay in the business is surprisingly low. Now, it may initially be worthwhile looking outside the business to see what the average is in your industry and how other organizations approach this. But maybe there is a specific issue in your business causing people to leave particularly quickly. This may be obvious if for example, your business has a somewhat toxic culture (although it may require an outsider to point this out if employees become immune to it), or it may be something more subtle that for whatever reason doesn’t get talked about in exit interviews, but which data can make clear what it is.

Faster Answers with Technology Solutions

Now, as you collect this data and start to apply it to your business goals, you may have the urge to create a brand new piece of software just for your business, to parse all this information and present you with the answer. A simpler solution is simply to go with software that already exists. There’s a whole industry of HR solutions like that aim to make running your human resources department, and managing your employees, as easy and effective as possible. So why reinvent the wheel, when a solution already exists?

So just like all business problems, measuring, analyzing, and optimising is possible for your HR department, and for employee management across the organization. And with software solutions designed for just this, finding the answers you’re looking for can be easier than ever before.

Question: Do you believe you can improve efficiency in your HR Department? How would you do that? Please provide your solutions and ideas here!