If you have been running your business for a few years, you will probably have software that you bought when you purchased the computers. Although this software is running well, it may be that you will start to find issues with it. These can include trying to open files from other clients and finding that your software is not compatible.

How to Improve Your Office Software

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So, how can you improve your applications to make them more compatible while still easy to use and familiar to your employees?

Upgrading the Operating System

One area that can cause issues is the use of out of date operating systems. Although you need to have reliability and stability, there comes a time when the OS is too old to be compatible with other applications.

This can often happen if you install a new piece of software and you find that it does not work as well as it should. The solution can be to upgrade your OS to the next version, although be careful to make sure your existing applications will still be compatible.

Upgrading your OS is not an easy task, especially if you do not have an IT specialist and you have many terminals to update.

Office Applications

Another application that can suffer from compatibility issues is office suite software. It is not such an issue with Microsoft Office as it will usually open any version of the document, but some other software might have a problem.

If you have an old office suite, then you can consider using an online version such as Office 365 from Microsoft. These types of the application allow you to share the software on other devices. It also allows you to add and remove users quickly. Again, this can be troublesome to achieve, so using an outside company such as Bytes can smooth the process out and make for an easy transition.

Additional Tools

It may not be that you have to upgrade any of your software to get more from your system. It could be that with just a few additional applications, you can save time for your employees or simplify a process.

Simple things such as moving from a paper calendar to an electronic one that everyone can access could make a difference. It is important to analyze your business to see if any applications can help. Similarly, you might want to remove or replace a program that is causing delays or operational issues.


Making sure that your security software is up to date is a vital part of running a business. It could be that you need to consult an IT specialist to see what security applications you need. Over the long term, this process will protect your company and your customers from potential data loss.

You might have other software that needs to be upgraded or replaced depending on your business, but whatever applications you decide to use, the importance to maintain compatibility remains. Full testing is also vital so that no-one runs into a problem later on.