Improving your supplier strategy can mean a lot of things, on either end of the scale.

Improving Your Supplier Strategy

Image Source: Pexels

All businesses need suppliers to provide them with inventory and keep their profits rolling in every day, but when you’re the supplier yourself, you need businesses just as much to make sure you can keep on supplying.

And you might be noticing your profits falling month by month, either because of other suppliers with more of an established history or because of the number of businesses that are going bust these days.

So it’s time to improve your supplier strategy; here are some ways to look into doing so.

Improving Your Supplier Strategy: Communicate Whenever You Can

When it comes to securing clients, you need to have a good sales tactic. But beyond that, you need to be able to communicate with them beyond their initial sale and keep in touch to make sure they feel appreciated by you.

That’s how customer loyalty forms after all. So try to get involved with the personal details as well; you can garner much of this information through customer forms and emails.

Whenever someone new comes through your door, make sure you take note of who they are. Remember the milestones of their company, such as when it’s having an anniversary, and maybe even offer something to compliment them on it.

Extra inventory is something companies tend to jump at, so if you’re offering it pro bono you can be sure they’re going to come back for more.

Improving Your Supplier Strategy: Optimize Any Manufacturing Operations

So you might not be able to provide more than the smaller items straight from your back room, but when it comes to manufacturing your own supplies, there’s a lot you can do to optimize the process.

You can make it cheaper for yourself, and also advertise the process you use to make you more attractive in the customer mind.

Depending on the kind of supplier you are, you can implement some big and small tactics respectively.

No matter what it is you produce, there’s probably a cost-effective solution out there which affords you more control over what you produce.

Take briquetting as a good example here. Lots of businesses out there still need coal to keep themselves running, especially if they’re also in the primary sector, and can’t use their own waste to heat machines and keep power running.

This is where you can step in with your own localized way of refinement, as you can head to to find yourself a briquette press that works for you.

It couldn’t be easier to supply all kinds of businesses with the same fuel they’re all going to need at some point.


Improving your strategy as a supplier means doing what your customers need from you, and doing everything you can to improve the stock you can provide. And there’s a lot of suppliers out there, so look to what they offer to see what you can do different or better; research will always be important!