The Interact Quiz Builder (affiliate link) is a tool to help you develop interesting quizzes and receive interesting results. Questions, surveys, and quizzes are unique tools to help you understand better your audience and learn how to serve them better!

Interact Quiz Builder - Boost Your Content Marketing With Quizzes

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As far as I remember myself I never had answers. I had thought many questions and the answers were few! Most of the people have what I call ‘publicity allergies‘!

It is not just the introverts of course! They have a problem in answering any question concerning their wants, their to-dos and they want-to-be!

Having this allergy, prevent them from expressing their opinion about any kind of subject seems to be current! But their opinion is important!

The likes and dislikes of a large number of people constitute your audience it is an important information to know when you are in online businesses and you should find interesting ways to do so for getting results.

But how to understand the opinion of people, when people refuse to answer?

A Content Marketing Approach

There are many approaches to that question and many of them are totally inapplicable!

Why? Because, many times, you can offer a lot of content and value to your readers, but they do not interact with you in a way to help you understand their intentions or their wants. And this is a problem.

Most content marketing efforts failed today because they provide the wrong content to the wrong audience (If you are interested in some data for your business strategy you can check some more information here).

Excellent content becomes useless because:

  1. Does not belong to a structured content marketing approach,
  2. Does have clear goals, focus, and messages, and
  3. Does not addressed to the right audience.

There are of course, many automated ways to monitor your traffic, the interests, etc. of your readers (like marketing automation systems monitor your site’s interactions with Mautic, HubSpot CRM,, etc. or analytical tools like Google Analytics) but is not the same as when you are receiving the raw opinion of your audience.

That’s why there are various approaches to help you raise your organic traffic as well as different innovative approaches can help you understand what people want. Funny, interesting and highly educating approaches can bring tangible results.

Like Quizzes! With a well-structured quiz you don’t, just, ask! You are querying the things interested the most of the people you want to serve in an interesting way!

This is the job of Interact Quiz Builder (Affiliate Link).

Take for instance this quiz about content marketing and tell me what you think!

Let Quizzes Drive Your Content Marketing Efforts – The Quiz Builder Solution

There are many things you can do with Interact Quiz Builder.

First of all, you can do, of course, quizzes. Interesting interactive quizzes can help your users to understand more thing about themselves and about what you can do for them.

Second, you can organize giveaways for your audience. Giveaways is a very powerful marketing strategy to drive traffic to specific aspects of your services/products and for addressing your messages to the right, for you, audience.

Third, the same platform can help you organize polls, to help you understand better what your audience wants and what not. This can help you customizing, fine-tuning and tweaking your messages and your services to your audience.

These 3 features, constitute Interact Quiz Builder one of the most efficient tools for generating leads and drive sales around!

I am really impressed by the capabilities of this tool.

As far a quizzes concern, it is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used. And having a huge experience on e-learning applications and on how the people interact I can tell you that it is one of the most easier platforms to use around to create a meaningful interaction!

Why? Listen here Lewis Howes explain it in more detail:

Interactive content and quizzes, in particular, provide better results in all areas. If you want more proof about this, you can check the following references:

If you are not persuaded yet, you should take a look by yourself, give a try to the Interact Quiz Builder to see how easy is to develop quizzes can help both your goals and your audience!

Or just take this quiz to find out what social network is more suitable for your campaigns. And send me a comment if the results fit your profile and help you in your business! And the best part is that this test can be generated in a limited time using pre-made quiz templates!

What You Can Do With The Interact Quiz Builder

The Interact Quiz Builder is a versatile and flexible platform for all of your marketing effort, as long as, you integrate your quiz or post into your overall marketing strategy.

I have to search for a long time for such a tool, both for distance training and for content marketing purposes.

The training and the education as marketing have one common element: transformation! To transform you into a person able to do the things you are aiming for by providing you the necessary skills, knowledge, assets, information, etc.

The Interact Quiz Builder can do that with ease either by helping you to develop from scratch a new Quiz or, by using the ready-made templates to adjust a specific one to your own needs or to your audience.

The Interact Quiz Builder can help you to:

  • Generate more leads enhancing your email marketing campaigns and raise your conversion rate to more than 50% when adding email captures to your quizzes,
  • Drive more sales, by recommending products/services within a quiz or directing a user to specific landing pages according to the outcomes of a quiz, and
  • Enlarge your social audience, by prompt people to share your quizzes and disseminate their results.

To do so, Interact Quiz Builder provides many easy to use tools to help you bring the outcome you want.

Tools and features like:

  • A large number of ready-made templates to customize to your own requirements,
  • Branch logic,
  • Integration with major marketing and email platforms,
  • Customizable and responsive design,
  • Personalized Branding,
  • Multiple quiz types,
  • Opt-in Form builder,
  • Analytics, and many more

To check more of the capabilities of Interact Quiz Builder and its value you can check on the numerous examples provided or take a look at how its clients used the platform.

Or you can use the free trial option and start developing quick and easy quizzes from ready-made templates!

Business quizzes as the following are:

What do you say?

Click here to try Interact Quiz Builder today and learn what it can do for your business!

Disclaimer: I am a partner and affiliate with Interact. But if you read a long time this blog you should know that I only recommend services, products or programs that I use myself and feel will help my readers.