Today’s article is written by Walter Hurley. Walter has a degree in sociology and international law, and a vast experience in arbitration, he is an active participant at the round tables and conferences, devoted to the efficiency of SEO ranks in modern economic trade. Now he is a professional marketing writer and experienced business strategist. He studied business analysis and content marketing at Massachest University and proceed to work in a fast-paced environment in various marketing areas.

What’s more important for you: a beautiful artificial palm tree or evergreen spruce? Most of us will prefer to feel the coniferous aroma and freshness of the evergreen tree as long as possible. Moreover, the aim of the content is to create the similar feelings.

Boost Your Organic Traffic

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The topic is expected to be everlasting so that the publication will not lose relevance in a month, half a year or even a year and will continuously produce traffic. Find a cool article from the archive and remind of it again.

Such type of content is called evergreen content.

In this article, you will find 10 working strategies that show how to increase organic traffic and use various techniques in a right direction as well as learn what organic marketing is.

STEP 1. Kickstart With Relevant Keywords

Look for keywords. Identify their combinations that search engine users use to find the niche products you represent. It should be a mix of two to four words which web-visitors will intuitively enter into the search string of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

STEP 2. Check Your Keywords Using The Google Keyword Tool

Log in to Google with your account and enter the prominent words of yours. You will get a list of popular combinations of these keywords and thus fulfill your own list.
Be attentive when choosing keywords. The most widespread keys are very expensive and produce a huge amount of search results. You are unlikely to find yourself in them, as large companies have long optimized their sites in full.

Choose key queries consisting of three words to get a higher ranking in the list of low-frequency queries.

STEP 3. Use These Keywords With Your Images On The Site

Each image that you put on the site has header tags and an alternate description where you need to enter your keywords. Thus, the images will appear in the output of the results of the search engine.

For each image, add a custom link (URL) that makes the transition to your site. During the visitor sees the image in a search engine issue, he/she can click on the link to access your site.

STEP 4. Search Organic Search Traffic On Forums

These are resources that allow users to ask a question or answer already asked questions. As a result, a conditional social network is formed, each of us can become a participant. The most famous source of traffic. It’s simple: you find questions that are close to you on the subject, answer them through articles on the blog, and then post links on the site with questions. Effective & easy.

STEP 5. Research And Validate Your Topic Ideas

Every splendid text starts with an idea. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure your vision is a good choice for your business, website, or audience. Trends are necessary, and we guarantee that with content validation your material would be placed in the top positions. In order to any direction is relevant, publications about it will be considered evergreen content. When a new product or service is released, users want to evaluate their capabilities.

oost Your Organic Traffic - Research

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STEP 6. Create A Unique Name And Meta Description

This is what appears on the search results page. The amount of traffic coming to your site directly depends on the attractiveness of these inscriptions. To build traffic you have to create a title of 60 (or less) characters with at least one combination of keywords, prepare the description of 160 (or less) characters with at least one combination of keywords and would be productive to use verbs that call the user to go to your site.

Very often you may see rude headlines, just optimized for keywords, and the same dry, boring articles, which are not always useful for readers. It is important to understand that for natural traffic, natural texts and headlines are needed, written, focusing on people, and not on search engines. It is readers who will subscribe to your newsletters, share articles, increase organic search traffic, and buy products.

These points will positively affect the behavioral factors of your resource, which are also taken into account by Yandex and Google when ranking.

STEP 7. Write By Yourself

Writing articles manually can be a serious problem and a daunting task for newly-appeared bloggers. In order to succeed in this business, you need to learn how to single-handedly brainstorm on the subject of your target market in order to be able to generate ideas that can be used in writing.

When you write on your own, try to start writing in the morning, because it greatly affects the quality of the material and the clarity of thoughts. Be sure to use the main keywords that are directly related to your niche.

If you wish to learn how to generate unique, high-quality content, browse here.

STEP 8. Create A Huge Content

Despite the rise of video marketing, that seems to indicate a desire for consumers of a shorter content, but Google wants content to be long and more detailed. Studies have shown that articles with high-quality content tend to reach higher positions.

Do not artificially increase the number of words, you must hone your skills, it is natural to write about your topics with a full and comprehensive disclosure of all the necessary nuances.

Boost Your Organic Traffic - Content

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STEP 9. Think Of The Social Networks

Google has long recognized social networks as a genuine reflection of popularity. The function of social networks coincided with the purpose of search engine ranking, Google, understands that users share the news that they like. It is the best example of providing the freelance marketing secrets in society.

Use hashtags in messages in social media. This will help to realize how to get organic traffic in huge portions.

Create a monthly newsletter. Send an email with links to your site and accounts on media resources. Interest in the people on the link.

Boost Your Organic Traffic - Social Networks

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STEP 10. Analyze And Put Experiments

Or just create an attractive content for organic traffic.

One of the most spread ways to get the unique, shared content that draws traffic is to research your topic at an unusual angle. Do this before you write. Try to analyze the situation differently than usual to conduct an experiment.

Use the images. Images are of vital importance for defeating the monotony of the canvas of the text.

In addition, you need to use the image as a billboard, think about how these images will look like thumbnails, and how it will be displayed on social networks when sharing your posts. Believe me, in the case of success, your article will be regularly referenced, which will give you high-quality organic search traffic. Otherwise, you’ll lose nothing but time.

This is the most obvious of all the points: if you want the information to be interesting to readers, it should be formalized in a necessary way. You can not write a piece of text and wait for a miracle. It is peculiar to “refine” pictures, graphs, and videos. Use subtitles, lists, paragraphs.