Is late September 2023 when I’m writing these notes and it is the time to set some things in motion. Now that you haven’t any more excuse like “I need vacation” or “I need more time/Energy/ etc.” it is the right time to start organize yourself and align what you do with the person you want to become after 1, 2, or 3 years.

Think about your next moves! The things you want to do, the things you want to accomplish, the person you want to be, the items you want to have, the time you want to spare for the things matter most to you, the energy and time you want to have in order to have resources and time to invest to your family!

They are a lot, isn’t it?

To accomplish everything you need to have the right mindset and tools to help you do/get/achieve/have all the things you want to materialized in your life.

You need to set right goals and you need to have the time to invest in yourself in order to develop the right margins of time, energy, focus, etc. to help you achieve them.

All we have things to do! And the daily chores or to-dos sometimes grow disproportionally at the expense of your free time, of your energy, of your quality time with the significant others, of your health, of your finances, etc. with the results many – important for you – things left unattended!

It is a common theme of your life that you never “find” the time to do the things you want to do, and you always cope with all the things that needs-to-be-done.

That’s why you need to do something about it! Especially so, if you have a vision or a mission in your life, or if you have a cluster of goals you want to make it a reality.

This is the reason that I have developed the ACE framework to help you align your life goals with the things you do or have to do daily.

This a mind-shifting tools to the things you want and you can accomplish and it helps you focus on the things you want to achieve, while provide a clear background for prioritisation and decision making.

But ACE framework would not work without the proper supportive tools. And one of these tool in the Life Goals Planner!

I have developed the Life Goals Planner, as a basic tool to help you find out and organize your actions based on who you – REALLY – are!

Most of the people have various ideas about themselves, but not all ideas are compatible with your self-image or the things you do.

The Life Goals Planner help you realize and document/write the basic Goals of your life and business direct you to think about and write down not only the things you want to accomplish today, but the core goals of your life.

In this context, the planner provide you with sections to help you focus your attention on the foundations of what you are and do (your mission and vision, your core values, your principles), on your purpose and the strategies you employ or want to use (purpose, main/general life and business goals, life strategies you want or can use, motivation, obstacles you need to surpass, results you want to have) and your daily actions.

The Life Goals Planner, if used correctly, can become your main instrument for behavioral change and the development of a growing mindset since it help you to align your main life and business goals to your daily actions monitoring and tracking the results you have!

Get the Life Goals Planner Today and start making significant differences in your life and business while you get the results you want!