Anybody who is planning on pursuing a degree or switching careers likely feels somewhat overwhelmed at all of the potential choices.

Is IT a Good Industry to Work In - IT Career

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With hundreds of unique career fields to consider, pinpointing exactly which one best suits their interests can be a challenge. Ultimately, individuals must consider hours, skill-sets, salary and other factors when making a choice.

In the world of information technology, many have found great success in high-paying careers that put their natural talents to good use. Seeing as how almost any mid-sized company or larger needs an IT department, working in this field opens career opportunities across virtually all industries.

With that being said, the IT industry might not be right for everybody. To help you determine whether it’s a good career path, let’s look a bit closer at what this industry requires and offers.

Career Flexibility

One of the biggest selling points of working in information technology is the versatility that it provides employees. When searching for career opportunities, those with backgrounds in IT can find employment virtually anywhere.

Whether it is in the public sector or private sector, employers are constantly in need of IT professionals. This makes it a very appealing industry due to the fact that job security is almost guaranteed – if not at the same job, at least within the same profession.

If you suddenly desire a change of scenery, then switching employers isn’t difficult at all (at least in relative terms).

Great Pay

Another huge selling point for pursuing a career in IT is the pay. While salaries can vary considerably from company to company and from task to task (check out for specific information on IT-related salaries), many earn six-figure incomes in their professions.

The average salary of somebody working in IT is around 40% higher than the average national salary, meaning that a quality of life not offered in many other industries is common-place here.

When coupled with the fact that there are many IT professionals without advanced post-secondary education, this line of work has been a pipeline straight to the top for some who’d otherwise be stuck in dead-end jobs.

The Downsides Of IT

It’s important to understand that no job or industry offers unlimited benefits without drawbacks. In the world of IT, you can expect a variety of cons that might change your opinion of the industry.

For starters, most IT professionals work long hours: it is not uncommon to log 60 hours per week or more at work. One major reason for this is that IT work generally revolves around deadlines and set schedules, meaning that the level of stress on the job is fairly constant.

Another consideration is the amount of corporate bureaucracy and seemingly nonsensical policies you’ll have to handle.

Most IT professionals have an innate understanding of concepts such as networking and data management, but companies will often have additional procedures and policies that make every task more difficult than it should be.

The question of whether IT is a suitable career path for you depends on a number of factors. Most IT professionals have limited freedom to act based on their own wishes; corporate policies or contractor desires will determine what actions an IT pro must take. In addition, the hours are long.

However, if you’re looking for a job with great pay and job security, this may be the ideal profession to pursue in 2017 and beyond.