As per the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, companies in America spend around $300 billion annually on stress-related work problems like lower productivity, health insurance expenses, absenteeism, lower employee turnover and direct medical expenses.

Four Easy Guidelines to Keep your Employees Motivated

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With people doing more with less, how you can keep your employees motivated for a healthy running business:

Check out these guidelines:

  1. Interact more often and frequently. You don’t have anything like grapevine to seize the best programs. Make sure you keep everyone in the team updated with the project changes. People want to feel a part of the assignment, so make sure you are not shy when looking for assistance to resolve a glitch. Keep the employees engaged by asking them to generate ideas for improving the production plans by adding a new segment called employee feedback in the procedure. Every week, check out the feedback and execute the plans which relate to your strategy. When business owners create an atmosphere where employees feel like a part of the project, they eventually have higher buy-in. One production company ignored having to discharge the production employees by enquiring employees about their thoughts on how can the company generate business. One of the ideas helped the company executive create a new income source and entering a new field. This method prohibited the company from discharging employees from their job position. The people nearest to the brand, product and service can help you with the most creative and innovative solutions.
  2. Celebrate little things. Very often managers spend a lot of time and energy on how poorly the company is doing. Employees only get to know about negative comments creating a persistent stressful work atmosphere. So, during the tough times also, you should find small reasons to celebrate the anniversary of the company or birthdays. Provide employees with events to celebrate and speak out something to be grateful to them for every day. With time, you will commence seeing how employees how accountable one another for making use of this thought shifter and focusing on improvising things rather than on the negative scenario.
  3. Concentrate on the major three things every day. The focus is devastated by the recent email chain which makes the employees read off-strategy updates. A business owner got complaints from a member of his staff and how it gets spread across and becomes the hot topic for chit chat. In order to help interact with other about their strategy and to get rid of unimportant interruptions, every day, outline three things that they have been working on. As you visit a department, state everyone starts working on their priorities. This simple reminder will enhance productivity and raise employee satisfaction. It will help employee work on the focus of the day. It eradicates the unnecessary chit-chat in the office and makes people think twice before interrupting in someone else’s work.
  4. Give incentives to employees. One way to keep the employees motivated is by giving them incentives. You can provide them with special credit cards with a limited credit limit. This way they can spend monthly and pay it from their salaries. However, make sure that you explain your employees about the budget and rational spending or else it would lead to debt. In the case of debt, remember to explain your employees about credit card loan consolidation.