Do you know what are the key departments for your growing business? As your business grows as will the needs of your company, and those needs create job openings. And those roles will form the key departments of your business.

Each industry will have different departments that are more important than others – engineers for an electrical company, for example. But there are departments that are key components which build the backbone of every successful company out there.

All departments start with one person and then grows into its own structure, and roles which will have started as a joint endeavor, will grow and be spread across multiple people.

Key Departments For Your Growing Business – Marketing

Every business has a marketing campaign. From the first day of building your website, your marketing begins. And as your business grows as will your need for further advertising, brand promotion, customer research, and data analytics.

Marketing jobs can be split into advertising, copywriting, social media management, branding, PR – just to name a few.

These roles often cross over each other and can result in some creative and unique ideas for your business.

Key Departments For Your Growing Business – Finances or payroll

Depending on your financial needs, you might decide that having a payroll department is all you need rather than a department for finances.

Rolling the two into one with a financial expert or accountant might be the best course of action for a growing business.

This is a department that can easily be outsourced to an extent – but it’s always worth having a financially oriented staff member in the office.

Key Departments For Your Growing Business – HR

Human resources is an extremely important aspect of any company. As a small company, you might have found that an HR app was sufficient enough to stay on top of things. But as you employee base grows, you may find that HR jobs are best done by an actual person.

Not only will it be better for your employees to have someone to talk to, it will also take a lot of the pressure off you.

An HR manager will be able to deal with employee requests and complaints as well as looking into further employee recruitment.

Key Departments For Your Growing Business – Product Development

No matter your product or service, there is always more to be done, a new avenue to explore, and improvement to be made.

This area will probably be one that you head yourself, seeing as the company is built on your ideas. But as you grow your company will develop into other areas simultaneously and that will need more manpower.

So hire project managers with the right skills and experience to oversee new ventures, and create a development department to work on which areas to expand into next.

All the data information on your current and potential audiences, which will have been gathered by your marketing team, will be of huge use in this department.

You should always encourage cross-departmental work as it builds relationships and can produce new and interesting ideas that might have otherwise been overlooked.