One of the main functions of leadership is to provide support to everyone needed! A leader, recognized as such, by his/her ability to provide solutions, inspiration and new alternatives to the people trust him/her.

Leadership Is About Support!

Even though his/her influence may not be always so apparent, he/she should always radiate his/her constant support and commitment to the causes of the people he/she influences and to his/her vision!

Leadership Is Not A Solitary Game!

Leadership often born and grows as an answer to a specific problem! The leaders usually developed in a community and interact with this community.

He/she accepts the community’s problems, and he/she tries to provide viable answers, not only for him/herself but for everyone in this community.

When the approach he/she takes is unique and may express the desires of many other, outside the community, people then he/she gains more momentum and exerts much more influence on many people!

The model of leadership, as a person, isolated in a room, designing his/her next actions towards his/her vision does not depict well, the today’s leaders! Today, thought and action (and especially, at the leadership level) should be parallel and synchronized procedures, if not identical ones.

The one (the thought) should be exact mirror the other (the action).

Of course, the leader should be meditating, think, design and develop approaches, ideas, and tools to facilitate the people to enhance their lives, but he/she should always do so, in an actionable framework of thought and action and no in isolation.

You cannot have an effective impact in the void! Certainly not without people, ideas, problems, movement, risk.

Leadership Is About Support

That’s why, Leadership is, first and foremost, about support. Because effective

  • Leadership Engages: Leadership focused on engaging people in a cause or a vision. Aims at providing a better view of a situation and the tools for the people to achieve that enhance view!
  • Leadership Empowers: Great leaders and leadership, aims at empowering the people and make them better in the personal and professional lives.
  • Leadership Cultivates: Leadership cultivates, new ideas, approaches, tools, habits, behaviors toward a better and enhanced conscious and intended way of living.
  • Leadership Facilitates, Coaching and Mentors: Basic function of leadership is to facilitate to coach and to mentor the ideas, behaviors, and skills of people, aiming at enhancing them towards a new and better model of understanding, thinking and operate in the modern society.
  • Leadership Educates: Leadership is not a selfish game. Aims at preparing the new generation of people to lead the future trends and provide all the necessary opportunities to do well their task. Education and training of the new leaders is an essential part of the leadership development, and great leaders know well, that without new ideas, systems, people, and approaches, nothing going to change!
  • Leadership Aims At Changing: Leadership aims at changing! Not as a basic rule, but as a necessity of adaptation in a rapidly changing environment! In this way, leadership aims at preparing to people to accept easier the changes coming and to adopt more transparently to the new environment.
  • Leadership Relates: Leadership related a vision, a cause, an idea with a people, a group of people, a tribe, a society. Aims to bridge the differences, and influence towards the assumption of a common cause, rather than expressing segmentation attitudes.
  • Leadership Assists: Basic of leadership is the constant assistance of people, need more the help a leader he/she offers. Most people can easily distract and need help to proceed to their chosen path. Here is vital the role of a leader, as a person of reference or as a raw model who can signify the achievability of a venture or behavior. Often, action speaks a lot louder than words!
  • Leadership Communicates: Excellent leadership is the one that communicates its vision and ideas to a large audience, using different tools to broadcast its main message! Especially when the vision broadcasted is able to help a lot of people.
  • Leadership Contacts: Effective leadership and leaders contact many different areas of life and try to assemble under a common platform or umbrella as many as people as possible. Its effectiveness and validity can be measured by the number of people have been convinced of its merit and have adopted its basic values in their life!
  • Leadership Is Transparent: Leadership does not dictate, and does not coerce!IT is much more effective when it is transparent and grows via discussions, interaction, communication and real life “testing” of its main principles!

Question: What leadership is for you? How would you define it? How would you use it more effectively?