I was talking, with an old friend of mine, about the possibility of effective changing within our modern social and business systems. My friend argued that it is quite impossible to make large changes in the already established structures (social, political, business, etc.), but I had (and I still have) a quite different opinion. I think that you can effectively and intentionally control your life, in most cases, at least!

Leading In A Season Of Change

To Have A Vision

To have a vision for how the things should be is not an easy task, you should undertake without a prior thought! Our time is a time of constant transition and change. People, relationships, lifestyles, ideas, approaches, products, services, tools, companies, organizations, causes, goals are in a constant change! This is why you need a lot of work to define a viable vision of the world “should be” and communicate it clearly to other people for embracing it!

Our world is a complex place to live in! It has many small and intrinsic mechanisms and systems to guarantee its smooth operations and a lot of safety valves to assure the continuation and preservation of its present status.

But, still is a system! And as in all systems, the operation of one small component can affect and influence the operation of the entire mechanism. One such disruptive operation is the leadership, aiming at providing a solid base of reference and guidance towards new (possible and, even, feasible) aspects of reality!

What I Think

Our modern world saw the rise of the systems, and witnesses the alienation of people from the things concern them! The rise of the higher order and complex systems in our societies, the globalization and internationalization of the business operations, the shift from the small to medium-sized companies to international corporation and the shift again to small ones (mainly, due to the disruptive influence of the technology), created a complete difference scenery in our societies and economies!

These trends left the modern person in a position that he or she thought that the things became too much complex for him/her, to have an influence at the world around him/her. But this is not true. Now, more than previous time periods, modern man is in the position to influence directly other people and trends in the creative use of modern technologies.

It is the only time in our modern history, that today persons are not only consumers but producers, as well. This duality, provides a solid substrate for the people to claim, manifest and assert their individuality (either as consumers or as producers of products, services, ideas, approach, etc.) and lead their lives in their own unique way!

To Be You

In this unique crossroad of our history, your individuality is not only a must-have trait but also an asset to use it and “market it” towards your benefit! Through your individuality, uniqueness, style, character, and personality, channel it via your vision, passion and hard word (and aided by modern tools can be used disruptively in many operations!) you can not only educate yourself, but you can also influence a lot of people around you!

Today, by being YOU, you can leverage the impact of the large systems in your life by employing disruptive operations and technologies, that can guarantee a more human-centric approach to the whole systemic operations! Leadership can be used to leverage the uncontrollable influence of the abstract systems and provide a “human face” to the otherwise, faceless modern operations that alienate the people from the things interested them!

Leading In A Season Of Change

Leadership, though, is not a snapshot, nor a static image. Is the result of many, even infinitesimal, operations, personal commitments and negotiations with the reality and always the result of a dynamic balance! Is not so much a science, as an art of the feasible, and only via its bound to the reality can yield the results required (and expected) of it!

But one of its major components (along to vision, followed values and principles, and the planning methods employed) is the cluster of things, can be all grouped under the collective title “personal leadership“! Today, Personal leadership is not an academic term but an intrinsic skill of the modern toolbox, possessed by the person of today!

It consists of many key elements, as:

  • Vision on how the things can be better, not only for him/herself but also for large numbers of people
  • Specific goals, values, principles to be accepted by you, and followed diligently, along with corresponding metrics, to monitor your course towards their achievement
  • Acknowledgment of your strengths and limitations
  • Accountability and personal responsibility
  • Development of essential skills (listening, clear communication, specific networking in relation to your objectives, monitoring of processes, time and energy management, health and fitness, among other things)
  • Investment to yourself by means of education, training, skill and personal development, etc.
  • Acquirement or/and development of assets, systems, tools, and approaches to support your personal and professional work

Personal leadership is also a key component for a guide you effectively in leading in a season of change! Know thyself, old philosophers have been said! And this is truer today than ever before!

Only when personal leadership couple with the concepts of being responsible of your life, of the life of people you associate with any of the results you bring during your life (in a personal and professional level), you would be a good candidate for “Leading In A Season Of Change“!