Welcome to Season 1, Episode 9 of the Leadership Execution Podcast and thank you, everyone, for listening. In this episode, I’d like to invite you to listen to Hamid Safaei the bestselling author of First-Class Leadership and a consultant helping leaders & Entrepreneurs to multiply their results. Please, join the discussion!

Do What You Love - Hamid Safaei

Hamid has a long course of professional activities in the areas of consulting and coaching.  He has led successful business transformations for a number of Fortune Global 500 companies.

Hamid SafaeiHe has developed ImOcean Academy, a unique institute where he applies first-class coaching tools and techniques combined with best practices.

He regularly publishes learnings on www.imoceanacademy. com and www.first-class-leadership.com on subjects such as leadership, realizing goals and dreams, target setting, and bringing potential to fruition.

Listen to this episode of Leadership Initiative Podcast the thoughts and approaches of Hamid on how to develop, train and coach leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Listen To The Podcast

In this podcast you will find out:

  • Who is Hamid Safaei, how he started, why and what he can do for you,
  • How he “shifted” from a “regular job” to his own profession,
  • What are his personal habits and how they help him to master his vision, his calendar, and his direction,
  • Why he has written the “First-Class Leadership” and how this book can influence your life and business,
  • What are the books he would recommend, and
  • What advice would he give to a new entrepreneur?

Notes From The Show

  • Set the rules when you own the business.
  • Cultivate a positive mindset to succeed in business and life,
  • Use, change, or develop proper habits, mindset and attitudes to organize effectively your life,
  •  If you are not ready to pay the price you won’t have a success,
  • Do what you love!

Connect With Hamid Safaei

ImOcean Academy (Website) | LinkedIn | Twitter

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To be a leader or an entrepreneur, it means to reflect, to act, to change and to learn. But a primary function of a leader is to share.

A podcast can provoke many insights, comments, views, and one of my favorite parts is to provide you with the incentives and the inspiration to make a difference.

That’s why I invite you to join this conversation, by sharing your views and insights on how you could establish trusts with your clients!

Moreover, I’d like to provoke you a little further, with a small question!

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