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The video is a new style of content, we all end up around focus and focus levels. The video keeps two of our five busy feelings and needs less time to understand the essence. YouTube has changed our approach satisfactorily. Straight from studying how to make a simple dish of understanding international politics, watching the cult scenes from classic films and simple tips for teenage relationships. YouTube is the answer.

9 Beginner Tips On How To Make Money From YouTube Channel

Image Source: Pixabay

How To Make Money From Youtube Channel

1. Be Organized From The Start

If you have an existing Google identifier, such as Gmail, you can simply use it to sign into Youtube. But we would advise you to create a new one, which will also be for professional purposes, so it does not mix with your daily Ola and Twitter messages. Try to do it shortly and quickly, so that you and your viewers easily remember. (You can just get fan mail …)

2. Be Careful With The Name Of The Channel

There is no pressure, but this largely determines everything. Well, in most cases. Do not forget to make a relevant, memorable name for your Youtube channel, a slot with three four words that are summarized and, most importantly, represents everything you want to show. This makes it more believable than calling it something like the “Joe Andrew Channel.” You do not want people to forget the name of your channel; you want them to keep clicking on it. You are helped by the fact that you can add relevant keywords to your settings in the “Preview” section. Also, you can add a bright, colorful image to go from your channel, which will be displayed at the top of the page.


It’s time to paint the canvas. The Internet world is yours for adoption, so do not forget to make your content excellent. We strongly recommend using high-quality original content that does not contain anything “adult,” “violent” and “hateful” and “copyrighted.” Fighting these established Youtube rules will result in the loss of your partnership with him. So, play safe boys and girls

4. Define Your Videos

Since most content is often subjective, we advise you to give a strong title and description to what you download to get a clear video point for your viewers. Therefore, we implore you, do not play with them!

5. Keep Up With The Uploads, Don’t Slack

Not too many people become innovative Youtube sensations on one good video. You need to maintain the quality of the content that you upload, so people are offered a variety of work to choose better. This is what gets the views, that’s what will get your likes and subscriptions.

6. Like, Subscribe And Share

Sounds familiar? Correctly, the mantra for increasing the audience is to post it on all pages of social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat – fill them with your work. Get your friends and relatives to share it and recommend more people. In this digital age, everything becomes a virus, so choose your audience intelligently. You can also embed it on different sites and blogs. Just make sure he’s there, and he does the rounds.

7. M For Monetization

If you want to earn money on your Youtube channel, the next step requires “monetizing” your channel. This feature allows Youtube to show ads in your video or on your video, and you confirm that your video does not have any copyright issues. This can be activated by going to the channel settings tab and clicking on the “Monetize ads” button. And if you put good content, then Youtube will send you a personal message suggesting that you “Apply to distribute revenue for your video.” So remember, hurry, while the sun is shining!

8. AdSense Is What You Need

The next step is to set up your Google AdSense account and associate it with your Youtube account. This is the most important step because it allows you to receive your income. How it works, Youtube will pay for each click and per view. This works well for you when your video gets more and more views because it leads to more advertising clicks, and this leads to an increase in revenue. Although AdSense can be downloaded for free, revenue can only be earned if you have a bank or PayPal account and a valid physical mailing address.

9. Promote, Receive Traffic And Analyze

The last step to getting money from your channel Youtube includes promoting your channel on all platforms of social networks, getting more audience and traffic through advertising and promotions on your channel and the final step, which includes checking your analytics to see the number of views, the effectiveness of advertising, viewed minutes, the age group of people who saw it, and so on.., to let you know whether your content reaches the target audience and if you need to change anything.

But in the end, the content – is king and you need to have a really good video so that people can see and love.

Extra tip on equipment

Make an impression with DSLR camera under 500 for it’s the most effective camera which is really distinct concerning the pixels, resolution, clarity and so on that is worth your investment. Using the outstanding image top quality that this camera offers, it is the first of its type that has a fantastic SLR movie function.

The attributes of the camera are merely superb which will leave you awe-inspiring. The outstanding image quality, super wide lens of about 18-105mm lens, digital image-processing EXPEED idea, RGB sensor, autofocus function and so on are a few of the attributes that make this camera unique.

Having a fully charged battery, this device may be used to click up to 859 pictures. Depending on your requirements, you can also add on an extended battery. You will find optional multi power battery pack, for example, an MB-D80 battery that uses R/6AA size batteries.

The camera is also capable of recording good quality video. Like its predecessor DSLR camera, this type of camera is having far more enhanced attributes and superior handling that can help to improve picture high quality. Nonetheless, the modern lens technology that is certainly utilized in the DSLR makes it doable to generate the top quality picture with a clear image. DSLR camera is what you should go for when you are first starting.