If you are a blogger that really enjoys what you are doing and would love to turn it into your main source of income, you may be wondering how you can make some money from your blog.

Making Money from Your Blog

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There are various ways to go about this, and here we have a few suggestions.

Selling Your Own Goods

If you have built up a good audience base that views your blog regularly, you have a readymade platform for selling your own goods.

Of course, it does depend on what your blog is about, but for instance, if it is about flower arranging, put together an eBook on some of the techniques involved.

You may be surprised how many will buy it, and in places like Amazon, the more that sell, the more your eBook is seen.

The same could apply if your blog is about cookery, put together a cookery book. If you are writing about using wood, put together some instructions for making simple pieces of furniture.

If you are discussing art and crafts, make some of the products you have blogged about and sell them through your page. And so, the list goes on and on.

There are not many blog subjects that you cannot find something related to it that you could sell. At Techmasi, there are more suggestions for making money from your blog.

Sell Advertising Space

If you have a reasonable amount of people following your blog, advertisers will be attracted to using it for their promotions.

This is a good way to make money as you will not only be paid for letting them use some of the space on your blog, but you will also be paid every time one of your viewers clicks on the advert to go to the full site.

It may only be a very small amount each time someone clicks on the adverts, but it can soon mount up to a sizable amount if you have a lot of people interested in that particular product.

Offer Services

If your blog is about a service you have worked or specialized in, then offer that service to your followers. You could also act as a consultant or host online seminars (you can find more information for the top online course platforms in 2021 here). If you have a skill, don’t lose it – use it.

You can give them a taste of how much knowledge you have without giving away all the secrets, and if it is a subject they are interested in then they may well use your services to find out more.

Your skills are a good way of making some money from your blog, as services do not usually involve much outlay.

Find Sponsors

With sponsors of blog sites, you basically get paid to promote the sponsors products or services. You will be paid a set amount regardless of how many sales are produced, but unless you have a very good following you will find it hard to find sponsors.

These few suggestions are meant to help you make some money from your blog. You might like to test the waters with one of them or maybe have a try at them all to find out which is the most profitable for you.