There’s no doubt about it, running a business can be pretty complicated. You’ve got to spend your time keeping a lot of different plates spinning all at once, and that can be difficult, to say the least.

Mistakes that are crippling your business

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The worst thing that a lot of different business owners find themselves dealing with is when they are wearing themselves down trying to handle every little thing, and their business still doesn’t seem to be living up to its full potential. No matter what they do, things still seem to get missed, or jobs only end up half done.

Nine times out of ten the root of this problem is actually pretty simple and obvious.

Far too often, business owners spend so much time on the complicated elements of their business that they forget to think about the basics.

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A lot of the things that can cause genuine problems in your business are the kinds of things that you are likely to miss because they’re so obvious you take them for granted.

It’s surprisingly easy to let this happen. When something works for a long enough time, you tend to forget about it, then when mistakes start to get made, there’s so much other stuff going on all at once that it can be difficult to figure out the root cause of the problem.

To make sure that you and don’t end up in this situation, here are some simple, back-to-basics mistakes that might be causing real problems in your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Mistakes that are crippling your business - SEO

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The issue that many businesses come up against when it comes to SEO is that they fail to realize how fast it moves on.

They assume that the SEO that brought them plenty of traffic a few years ago is going to have the same effect in the present day and that simply isn’t true.

SEO is constantly changing and evolving in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

When search engines were first introduced, it was simply a matter of using as many keywords as possible, and your website would rise in the rankings, but now sites like Google blacklist those kinds of sites in favor of ones that use their SEO in an organic and natural way.

The point is to blend your SEO keywords seamlessly into your content while creating something that a customer would actually be interested and engaged in while reading.

Hiring an SEO agency isn’t a bad idea at all since this might sound simple, but in reality, it’s anything but.

When trying to implement your SEO the last thing that you want is to draw so much attention to it that the customer finds it distracting and off-putting, but at the same time you don’t want to obscure it so much that it doesn’t get picked up by a search engine’s algorithm at all.


Mistakes that are crippling your business - Finances

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The worst thing that any business owner can do is to simply ignore their business’s financial position. And yet, it’s something that happens time and time again in far too many businesses.

People bury their heads in the sand and simply hope for the best that things will work out. Not only is this a terrible and irresponsible idea but it also has the potential to be genuinely dangerous. Not only do you run the risk of getting into a bad financial position, putting the livelihoods of yourself and all of your employees in danger, but you could also potentially get yourself into some serious legal trouble.

If you don’t pay close attention to your accounting and tax returns, you could end up missing crucial payments that you should be making. If this happens, you could end up permanently crippling your business.

It’s important to deal with any financial matter the moment it comes up. Whether that’s invoices, tax returns or payroll, you simply can’t afford to put any of it off until later. You can alleviate some of the financial stress of taxes by finding a good tax calculator. A lot of them are free and easily found online.

The problem is that a lot of this stuff can be both complicated and time-consuming. Luckily there are pieces of software available online that can make all of these things far easier and streamline the process a great deal. And, if you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed by it all then it might be a good idea to hire an accountant to take care of a lot of it for you.

Your Employees

Mistakes that are crippling your business - Employees

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If there’s one thing in your business that you should never, ever take for granted, it’s your employees.

Employees are the beating heart of any business. They are the gears that keep the whole thing working, and without them, it would simply grind to a halt.

The problem that far too many business owners end up with is that they treat their employees like a resource rather than as individual human beings.

It’s a simple fact that people, unlike machines, have limits and those need to be taken into account. There’s only so much you can ask of your employees before they, not to mention your business, start to suffer. Make sure that your employees always know that they can speak to you if they have a problem.

Maintaining an open door policy is a great way to prevent you from feeling too distant from your employees and to keep you in touch with their needs. Make sure that there are things set in place that allow them to voice concerns and ideas for how to make the business better.

A satisfied and fulfilled workforce can be the best asset that a business could have, whereas a workforce that is made up of tired, frustrated, resentful employees is almost guaranteed to lead to a lack of productivity and a culture of tension and mistrust. If you take care of your employees, they’re sure to take care of you.

These things might seem obvious, but it really is surprisingly easy to let them slip under the radar when you’re trying to handle everything else that comes with running a business.

The important thing is to make sure that you don’t let things get passed you. Take the time to check over even the most basic elements of your business. That way you’ve got the strongest possible foundation to build everything else on top of.