In today’s marketing landscape promoting your product is one of the most significant steps if you want to become successful. But with so many brands investing lakhs of money in promoting their products what is it that you can do in order to make your promotions unique. Well, in all honesty, there are tons of ways through which you can do so, but today we will discuss promoting your products by developing engaging video content.

Creating unique and original video content is one of the best ways to promote your business. People all over the world love to spend their time watching these meaningful videos that distinctively appeal to their emotions. But while creating such content the developer must pay attention to avoid some rookie mistakes. If you manage to do that then the chances of your video becoming a hit will comparatively increase.

So in this article, we will talk about these common mistakes that you can avoid by staying a little vigilant.

1) Forgetting to Mention Video Captions

Today a lot of social media platforms like Instagram have adopted the auto-mute function. Now what happens because of this is when the user comes across your video while scrolling through his feed, he sees a muted video. And since your video is not designed to appeal to the users without the audio, he scrolls through it without paying any attention.

So what you can do to prevent that from happening is to use captions with your video content. If you will do so then the user when he comes across the video will read what your content is about and will be lured into watching it. Another benefit of using captions is that it captures the attention of the search engine bots when they are searching results and hence provides your video with a much-needed SEO boost.

2) A Weak Intro

Most of us while watching a video only invest the initial 10-15 seconds of our time to decide if we are going to watch the whole video or not. Now, what mistake the video content developers commit here is that they use long drawn out introductions in their video content or intro content. What happens because of this is that when the viewer opens the video he does not feel connected to it or in many cases cannot understand what the video is about and hence chooses to move on to the next one.

Thus while creating a video you should pay attention to get straight to the point as soon as the video starts in order to capture your viewer’s attention.

3) Following the Best Practices

A lot of times the video developers want to swim against the tides and do something different. So what they do on many occasions is to avoid the fundamentals. But if you ask us, we don’t think this is the way to create dazzling content.

Instead what a video developer should do while creating his content is to not avoid the fundamentals because many times these basics like data visualization or information design are what decides the difference between a good and a great video.

4) Pushing the Content Through the Channel’s Native Players

Today the social media platforms appreciate a native video experience. What this means is that if you push the content to the native player then its chance of being viewed by the followers will increase manifold. Also, the social media platforms have added analytics and mobile viewing functionality for this content which further adds to their experience.

Another benefit of pushing your content through native players is that these native videos increase engagement. And the more engagement your video scores the more are your chances of becoming popular.

5) Not Following A Story

Many times, while working at the initial stages of video content development the creator gets excited and gets bombarded with multitudes of ideas. And in his heed to create something different what he does is to combine all these ideas into a single video. What happens because of this is that the video he ends up creating loses a track and reaches no conclusion,

So, while developing video content the developer should vary of this and only work on developing a single idea from beginning till end. He should make sure that his video has a core and narrates a single story that delivers a meaningful message to the audience.

6) Not Asking for Feedback

Many video developers either ignore to ask for feedbacks or forget to get them on time. Because of this what happens is that after you are done with the video and about to publish it you get notes from your bosses demanding changes. This is really not something you want to experience.

So what you need to do to avoid this from taking place is to get a green light from your seniors after each and every step. Hence before moving into the production process make sure to get the dialogues, storyboard, and graphics checked so no demand for changes arises later.

7) Data Insights

After a video is created and shared with the audience, the content developers usually consider their work done. But is it? The answer my friend is no. After creating and sharing a video what you need to do is to return to that video and study its data insights. This will help you in analyzing what is popular and not-so-popular with the audience. When you evaluate your data and check the likes and comments it received you will come to know what is it that appealed to your audience the most and then you can use that information while creating videos in the future.

It is true that experimenting and working on new things is exciting and opens the doors to success. But in your zeal to try new things you should not forget to respect the decision of your viewers.

So, these are some significant points that you should pay attention to before starting working on a video.