There is an old African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” As an entrepreneur, you know from experience that the only way to go far is by surrounding yourself with people with the same vision as you.

Go Further with These Multitasking Tips for Entrepreneurs

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The proverb aside, you can also try to find a balance between going fast and going far.

The key lies in your ability to multitask as a business owner.

To help you go further with your business and in life, we are going to take a look at the best multitasking tips for entrepreneurs.

Stop Trying to Memorize Everything

One of the first things to avoid if you want to be better at multitasking is trying to memorize everything. Your schedules, the tasks you have to complete, and other details about your business and activities can quickly clutter the mind; when that happens, it is much more difficult to maintain focus.

Instead of trying to memorize everything, use the tools available to you to make things easier. The smartphone you use has a handy to-do app as well as a calendar that syncs your schedules. Other devices you use can be synchronized too. Dump the things you have to remember onto these apps and you’ll start managing your tasks better.

Compartmentalize Your Tasks

Learn to compartmentalize tasks based on certain aspects. Let’s say you’re running a business while pursuing a criminal justice degree online from the University of Cincinnati. These two tasks aren’t compatible with each other, so the best way to approach them is by separating them completely.

Allocate at least one or two hours every day for studying for the online CJ degree and stick to the schedule no matter what. Switch to “study mode” during that allocated time and forget about your business altogether.

On the other hand, tasks that are similar or related to each other can be done in one swift and continuous motion. Sending invoices to clients and getting your finances in order are examples of compatible tasks that you can do at once.

Utilize Your Downtime for Catching Up

We have downtime all the time; the commute to a client’s office for a meeting and that gap between lunch and the next sales pitch are examples of downtime. Use these gaps specifically for catching up with new information and critical details.

Instead of working twice as hard to review a contract when you have a lot of things to do, it is better to do it during gaps in your schedule. This brings two very important benefits that will help you multitask better.

The first one is an improved ability to retain information. When you eliminate catching up with information from your packed schedule, your brain maintains its ability to retain information better. You can focus on the meeting better and remember most – if not all – of the important details effectively.

The second advantage is reduced number of mistakes. Using downtimes to catch up with details allows you to spot important things that you may have missed earlier. This alone helps you maintain your business and take it to the level of success you aim for.

These are three simple multitasking tips that you can use right away, but they are tips that will help you become a more effective multitasker and entrepreneur. If you want to go further, fast, develop your multitasking ability and be better at organizing your day.