Each person is a potential donor, and so, it is the non-profits duty to market their organization and charity to the public for donations. With #GivingTuesday arriving tail end of November, charities may wish to consider using freelancers to help them with their marketing campaigns. Here’s why.

Why Non-Profits Should Use Freelancers

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As a non-profit, you may be unable to pay for full-time employees; yet, you still need the skills and expertise of experts for an effective email marketing campaign. Freelancers are cheaper than full-time employees, and you can hire them for one-off tasks. Alternatively, non-profits could leverage their volunteers as 79.2% of donations come from pre-existing volunteers. Send out personalized emails to pre-existing volunteers and ask if they would like to help drive awareness.

Hire freelance marketers who are experts with email. They will understand the importance of data collection, personalized content, and segmentation, and with 33% of online fundraising coming from email in 2015, emails need to be specific, relevant; avoiding the one size fits all message.

Freelance graphic designers can also help you design attractive email campaigns, which can be opened across all electronic devices. 51% of emails are opened on mobile phones, therefore, you need a mobile-friendly template for your emails to help drive awareness. Only 18% of people are aware of #GivingTuesday, opposed to the 93% of people aware of Black Friday. With a 34% donation increase when a website is mobile responsive, it is also crucial to hire someone to create a mobile-friendly website, so people can click-through with ease on their electronic devices.

Writers, graphic designers, and marketers can be hired on a task-by-task basis, offering cost efficiency and flexibility for non-profits. Their skills and expertise can help you get in front of your donors, drive awareness and target prospective and regular donators with personalized, unique email campaigns.

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